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Did you know that there's one of these guys' hidden in every Bravest Warriors episode? Channel Frederator has got that and more about this amazing animated series! With the launch of Bravest Warriors Season 3, Channel Frederator is bringing you 107 Bravest Warriors Facts YOU should know! [ Link ]
Just in case you're curious or need a refresher!
Young Danny from Bravest Warriors' "Dan Before Time"! Yeah, we know. He's got prominent nipples.

Watch it on VRV! [ Link ]
IT'S UUUUUUPPPPP! Season 3 Episode 1, "Dan of Future Past" is now on VRV for free viewing! Subscribe to Cartoon Hangover Select for an even BIGGER surprise! Go to [ Link ]
January 10th, 2017. The time has finally come... our heroes have returned! Stay tuned later today for the Season 3 premiere of Bravest Warriors on VRV! If you haven't, download the VRV app NOW! [ Link ]
When you realize Bravest Warriors Season 3 will be here in 3 Days...
Save the date: January 10th, 2017! Get VRV NOW! [ Link ]
5 days until Bravest Warriors Season 3 drops on VRV -- January 10th, 2017!
Get ready for the madness! Download the app TODAY! [ Link ]
Bravest Warriors Season 3 is coming January 10, 2017! Join Chris, Danny, Wallow, Beth, Catbug and the rest of the gang as we start to air our longest episodes yet! Watch the teaser trailer and download the VRV app now! [ Link ]
Bee in her hoodie seems fitting for the season! ❄

Bee and PuppyCat's "Toast Dogs Wedding Donut" is available on VRV. Sign up here: [ Link ]
Next month! Who else is excited?! #BravestWarriors #CartoonHangover
2017 is already looking super special! #cartoonhangover
Frederator is hiring a Network Community Manager. Please share if you know a YouTube expert that really likes to work with creative people.


Channel Frederator Network is looking for a professional “YouTuber” to be a full time Network Community Manager to help the over 3000 animation and gaming channels in our networks grow their audiences.

Responsibilities include but are not limited...
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For 2017...
If you've been hankering for more Barney, Norma, and Pugsley, here's your chance by contributing to Hamish's Kickstarter. #deadend

DEADENDIA - Season One Book!
Fly Catbug Fly! got some updates! Have you played yet?

Fly Catbug Fly! by Cartoon Hangover + Ludoko Studios
Meet Sam Lavagnino, Voice of Catbug from The Bravest Warriors!

Bravest Warriors Season 3 launches January 10, 2017 on VRV, the new video platform from the people who bring you Crunchyroll. Our friends at Funimation partners at VRV, are hosting Sam and Cartoon Hangover at their special location. You don’t need a New York Comic Con badge to meet Sam!

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Fred Seibert, CEO and Founder of Frederator, talks about the decision to bring Bravest Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat to the new premium Cartoon Hangover Select launching later this fall on the new video app, VRV.

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