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03/26/2017 at 14:55. Facebook
Over on our sibling channel, Channel Frederator, THE Fred Seibert sits down with hosts Cade and Alyssa on Notification Squad to answer fans questions! Go watch it! [ Link ]
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It's #NationalPuppyDay! We wanted to give a shoutout to our favorite He counts right? Watch him on VRV!
The long awaited Super Science Friends episode 3 is now available for premium subscribers on VRV! It will become FREE in 30 days! *US only [ Link ]
Hey, guess what? Season 3 episode 5 of Bravest Warriors, "Everything is Okay," is now FREE on VRV! Go watch it! *US only [ Link ]
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We wish you good luck!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from us here on Cartoon Hangover (and Catbug of course)! May your day be filled with green!
You asked. You waited. Now the wait is OVER! VRV is now available on Chromecast, so you can bring your favorite shows to the big screen in a whole different way! Spice up your living room instantly...

VRV comes to Chromecast!
VRV just got an update! You can now watch Cartoon Hangover Select and the other awesome channels on the app via your Chromecast! Make an account today: [ Link ]
In a few weeks, our sibling channel, Channel Frederator, will have founder of Frederator, Fred Seibert, as a guest host on their show Notification Squad! He will answer any questions you may have. So, ask in the comments or call in!
Cartoon Hangover Select presents, Super Science Friends! The first two episodes are FREE on VRV right now! The long awaited episode 3 will be available for premium next week! *US only [ Link ]
Throwback Thursday to the Bravest Warriors season 2 finale! Season 3's finale is currently available for premium on VRV! Make an account today: [ Link ]
Danny is getting slobbered by those hounds! He doesn't seem to like it. The season 3 finale of Bravest Warriors is now available for premium on VRV! *US only [ Link ]
Chris' emotions are going crazy! Found out why in season 3 episode 4 of Bravest Warriors, which is now FREE on VRV! *US only [ Link ]
Look at widdle Wallow in his jammies! Dimension Garden premiered on this day 3 years ago! You can watch it and the rest of Bravest Warriors on VRV! Sign up for an account today: [ Link ]
You have until tomorrow at 11:59pm PST to use the coupon code SUGARPEAS to get 20% off Frederator stuff from Squishable! [ Link ]
We hope you have some interesting sweet dreams, like Bee! Happy #PublicSleepingDay! Watch Bee and PuppyCat on VRV! [ Link ]
Starting today until 11:59pm PST on 3/02/17, you can get 20% Frederator stuff from! Use coupon code SUGARPEAS at [ Link ]
Whoa! Chris is out of control! Season 3 Episode 3 of Bravest Warriors, "Ghosts of the See-Through Zone," is available for FREE on the VRV app! Download and sign up today! *Only available to the US. [ Link ]
It’s #NationalMargaritaDay! We love them, but we prefer a big ol’ beer. Watch Bravest Warriors on VRV! Sign up for an account today: [ Link ]
We now present to you season 3 episode 5 of Bravest Warriors! If you're a premium subscriber on VRV, go watch it now! It will become available for FREE in 30 days. [ Link ]