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We love surprises! Especially when it comes to brilliant food. #StevenUniverse
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Voltaire decided to be happy, and so should you! Join in on the fun, laughter & dance tonight with Happy Feet 1 on Boomerang at 18:10 CAT!
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If you didn't catch Teen Titans (& Batman) Go! this morning on #CartoonNetwork, you'll have another chance next Sunday at 16:40. See more of the silent and mysterious vigilante in the new Lego Batman Movie, in theatres now! ➡ [ Link ]
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02/17/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Need a new Magisword? Ralphio is your guy. But be careful, he steals candy from babies and not all of his maps to Magiswords are legitimate. Visit his shop ➡ [ Link ]
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It's the silent justice that comes in the night. Get ready for Teen Titans (& Batman) Go! This Saturday at 9:10 CAT
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Touchdown! Play football with Gumball & Darwin in Go Long, an all new free game on Cartoon Network! Play Now! ➡ [ Link ] #TheAmazingWorldOfGumball
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The sword that makes you weak in the knees? Attractive Voice Magisword knows the way to your heart… With Words! Watch the sword to swoon over! #MightyMagiswords
The most adored of all the Magiswords? The Dolphin Magisword of course. Watch out for its snout! Check out more magiswords ➡ [ Link ]
Fighting to collect all the vegetable magiswords in any way possible, Hoppus is a clever and mischievous bunny. See him in action ➡ [ Link ]
Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered a magisword. Be a sword for hire in the new #MightyMagiswords game, Hoversword Hustle. Play Now! [ Link ]
Guide Randell through a creepy abandoned graveyard past pernicious pumpkins and bad-natured balloons. Play #Clarence Scared Silly now on Cartoon Network: [ Link ]
Everybody meet Zombie Pumpkin Magisword! We'd be lying if we didn't admit he's one of our favourites
Check out more #MightyMagiswords ➡ [ Link ]
Would you hire them? Check out their world and decide for yourself! ➡
So...would you?

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This is the kind of party we want to be a part of
What are you Saturday plans?
Everyone, meet Grup. Grup is a dragon, and Grup works at the Cave of Stuff. Learn more about Grup ➡ [ Link ] #MightyMagiswords
Introducing Vambre Warrior, the "serious one"...
Explore the brand-new #CartoonNetwork show, #MightyMagiswords now [ Link ]
So? How many can you spot?
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The FIRST #MightyMagiswords game has arrived! Be the first to give it a spin ➡ [ Link ] #DimensionalDomination
Meet Prohyas, the most macho, manly swordsman in the history of the world! He would say that, at least. Explore our new series #MightyMagiswords now ➡ [ Link ]