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Every farewell's gotta need a manly handshake.

Gimme one.

It's Teen Titans GO! Adventure final episode of the mini-series today at 5pm (JKT 4pm)!
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Lock your hearts before Vambre uses this Magisword on you! <3
Join the crew at MagiMobile for free now!:
iOS: [ Link ]
Android/Playstore: [ Link ]
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Cereally? Uncle Grandpa meets a magical pony after growing a magical ponytail?!
Spot that rare unicorn on weekdays 4:30PM (3:30PM JKT)!
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Learn to doodle cute naked bears on your friend's diaries the easy way --> [ Link ]

#WeBareBears #IcebearForPresident
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Cats are innocent and cute...Right? #Meowpower

See the destroyers Teen Titans GO today at 5pm (JKT 4pm)!
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When I'm so hungry that I can actually eat myself
Get Fed on Regular Show at 3pm (JKT 2pm) today!
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Island Adventures Live

Meanwhile - Titans are teaching that island dinosaur how to punch.
Join #TeenTitansGO! Adventures this week 16 - 20 Jan, 5pm (JKT 4pm)!
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You want a piece of us? Oh no you don't.
Steven Universe #OhNo #TeamWatermelon
When Black Friday becomes a Bad Day.
Be Like #UncleGrandpa.

Weekdays 4:30PM (3:30PM JKT) on #CartoonNetwork
The Powerpuff Girls' Dark Side - Never knew they had this side to them.

Thanks to rickyryan for sharing this awesome digital art from DeviantArt!

Uncle Grandpa's on a 'see food' diet. Eating everything in sight.
#PizzaSteve #UncleGrandpa on weekdays 4:30PM (3:30PM JKT).
Tame your Tiger Babies and sing-a-long from Uncle Grandpa
Thanks to Celisu from DeviantArt for the amazing artwork! <3

Random thought: What flavors of ice-cream would Grizz, Panda and Icebear be?

I'd say…Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Lemon Sorbet. Yum.
If you're awesome and you know it clap your hands

#UncleGrandpa is #Awesome on #CartoonNetwork weekdays 4:30 PM!
What I like to do on a Sunday morning ;)

Regular Show
Saturday Night fever on Teen Titans GO! Hula skirt and dance with us!

Teen Titans GO! Everyday on #CartoonNetwork at 5PM
Am I lagging or is that you?
The Amazing World of Gumball
When you're just so positive about life that even when you're about to be stepped on you're still smiling.
#GreatAttitude Adventure Time
Do We Bare Bears look better as We Clothes Bear?
#Fashionista #Maybe