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Cartoon Network Australia
4 hours 36 minutes ago. Facebook
Only 1 day to go!!! Check out the below video from Jeremy Shada and stay tuned for a MAJOR announcement right here on Monday!

If you're an Adventure Time fan you don't want to miss this!!
Can the comically destructive duo Tom and Jerry work together to save Christmas and learn the true meaning of friendship?

Find out today at 9am in Tom & Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers.

New episodes of Gumball start Monday at 6pm. Normal continues to be weird – and it can go anywhere!

It's a crazy Christmas competition on Uncle Grandpa as everyone has the same limited-edition Secret Santa gift in mind – and they all go to the mall to try and get it.

Find out what it is at 9am. #AVerySunnySnowyChristmas

What's your perfect Christmas gift?
Our #AVerySunnySnowyChristmas continues with We Bare Bears – the Bears have been invited to all their friends’ Christmas parties, and they try to visit every one before the night's over.

Get in the holiday spirit with the Bears at 4.30pm.
This special month is all about your favorite Cartoon Network characters! Don't miss a bunch of new stuff including the Holiday game, available now on Watch & Play.

Get it now!
Google Play: [ Google.com Link ]
iTunes: [ Apple.com Link ]
Ho ho ho, Teen Titans Go! We Bare Bears, have no cares! Finn and Jake, Christmas cake!

Join Cartoon Network as we count down the days to Christmas with premiere specials and brand new episodes every day this December – it's a #AVerySunnySnowyChristmas for everyone!

Premiering today, the Teen Titans Go discover "'The True Meaning of Christmas" at 5.30pm.
Hey Adventure Time fans!

Stay tuned for a MAJOR announcement right here on Monday that you don't want to miss!

Like this post if you are as excited as us!
Buttercup, be gentle! Don’t miss this cute little one at 6 pm today!
Bubbles, your new kicks are scarying Buttercup! Watch them at 6pm today!
When #Thuglife chose the bears!
Something doesn't look right Bears…
Live performance by The Powerpuff Girls at the Farmers Santa Parade in Auckland
Live from Santa Farmers Parade, Auckland
Yes, you guys were never meant to be apart.
Grab a tissue and watch the true story of the little Bears.

Watch We Bare Bears with your bros on today at 10 am!
#WeBareBears #Brosforever
Missed The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears on the weekdays?

Don’t miss them again today at 10 am!
Did you know the green circle on UPGRADE's head is his eye, which glows whenever he talks!

Know more about him today at 8 am!