Everyone loves pie, arguably the best food in the world – comes in all flavors, shapes and sizes. You’ve gotta agree. Woooo! Time to celebrate with Rigby and Mordecai like there’s no tomorrow!

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When you touch my heart once, I remember you forever.
Thank you Steven Universe.

(: asylumcomix / DeviantArt)
Wooohoooo! It's the weekend Splash-time!

It's Summer-time in Adventure Time! 3pm today!
There's always another stomach for ice-cream :)
Adventure Time at 3pm today!
Take a deep breathe...Clarence totally ready to go swimming! :D
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Every farewell's gotta need a manly handshake.

Gimme one.

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When I'm so hungry that I can actually eat myself -
Regular Show tonight at 7pm.
Island Adventures Live

Meanwhile - Titans are teaching that island dinosaur how to punch.
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Today… Mighty Magiswords is finally setting on the first steps of their journey. Join Prohyas & Vambre on their quests today at 5:10pm!

"Your issue is their mission." ;)