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The Amazing World of Gumball
The musical fusion dance of Rose Quartz and Pearl <3 It's magical. *Mic drop*

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Steven Universe : Rainbow Quartz Fusion Dance

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#Lesson from The Amazing World of Gumball of Gumball
Calling wrong names can get you a nemesis.
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ROB literally comes into The Amazing World of Gumball like a WRECKING BALL.

Guess everything in life can't be perfect after all ☮✌

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It's ridiculous. Some people just don't understand us.

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Anyone ever imagined that this is what The Amazing World of Gumball was all about?
It's an Amazing World <3 on #CartoonNetwork at 7:25pm.
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We've got to FIGHT for what is OURS.
#Rob VS #Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball #TheDisaster is coming on 25 February 8:25am/3pm.
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Steven Universe 4:25pm today, on Cartoon Network.

Admire others, don't be mad, accept everything, and LET IT GO! ;)

Steven Universe at 12pm today!
Doe, a deer, a female deer;

Ray, a drop of golden sun;

Me, a name I call myself; I'm Grizzly. Welcome to my movie The Sound of Grizz.

We Bare Bears at 8pm today~
Gumball's Disaster is coming…wait Rob! Don't strike! Gotta record this for you…

#1weekleft The Amazing World of Gumball Adventures of Gumball - 8.25am / 3pm on 25 February!
Fri-YAY! Teen Titans GO! Is already waiting for you to Par-TAY! at home.

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Awesome work to Jeibie - thanks for sharing his imagination of our lovely (yet dangerous Vambre) on DeviantArt!
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When someone vows to destroy everyone and everything you love…….
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The Amazing World of Gumball Season Finale Coming Soon!
Got these from Valentines! But I can't bare to take it a bite…

We Bare Bears at 6:35pm!
We can turn a failure into something worthwhile.
Be Classy and Think Positive Like Steven :D

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The Amazing World of Gumball #OriginsofRob at 6:10pm!