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Travel the world with EDIFICE - "Global Time Traveler” as he journeys to some of the worlds most attractive time zones. Here’s the cinema long version!
Check out the watch in the video at: [ Link ]
Accompany the EDIFICE "Global Time Traveller” as he journeys to some of the worlds most attractive time zones. Here’s the teaser, make sure to make time to see the cinema long version that will be out soon!
Till then, check out the whole range at: [ Link ]
This watch doesn’t reveal all of its high technology on its face. The EDIFICE Smartphone Link EQB-500DB.
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The physical visibility of analogue combined with the intellectual high function of digital.
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Happy Holi!
Each woman is different!
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Design appreciating the luxurious qualities of metal. The EDIFICE Smartphone Link EQB-500DB
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In this powerful design there is hidden power. The EDIFICE Smartphone Link EQB-500D
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The sporty EDIFICE EFR-552D with blue accents.
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A new shade of the hi-spec chronograph, bi-colour rose gold.
With the blue face and the rose gold and silver trim, you can feel the vibrant spirit, tempered with maturity. Essential elements for motor sports. The #EDIFICE Chronograph EFR-552SG.
The #EDIFICE Smartphone Link EQB-500D has a function inspired by motor racing. Set the distance of the circuit with the smartphone and measure the lap time, the dial at 4 o'clock shows the average speed.
Inspired by motor sports chronographs, the EDIFICE EFR-552D-1A2.
Just as high spec parts are required for racing cars, a high spec watch is essential for motor sports. The EDIFICE EFR-600SG-1A9
The EDIFICE EQB-500 series, designed with Motorsports in mind.
The power and beauty of metal. The EDIFICE EQB-500 with smartphone link.
The fearless face design of the EDIFICE EFR-552D. It has a retrograde minute hand for the stopwatch.