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How are you awesome people doing today? Have you guys checked out our newest feature - Fountain Fortuna? What do you guys think?
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Anubis is terrorizing everyone with its Horror Show! What do you guys think is the best skill to counter Anubis?
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☆Event: Catch the Clovers!☆
Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! We hope you’re not drunk yet, as we’ve an awesome event for you!
Stop the GIF at the right moment (when ALL the clovers are in the basket) and stand to win 1x Treantaur and/or 1x Lv.5 Talent Chest!

There will be 30 winners for 1x Treantaur and 3 very lucky winners for 1x Lv.5 Talent Chest!

What are you waiting for, join now!...
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03/16/2017 at 05:32. Facebook

What do you think is the best Talent/Crest to match the new Hero with? Why?
Were you guys able to spot them all? Check out the answers and find out if you missed out any! Winners will be picked out soon, so stay tuned!

Do note that comments edited after our event period will not be eligible.
Android users! Update nowwwwwwwwwww ;)
Something is coming... Are you ready?!
☆Event: Spot the Difference☆

Hey you awesome Clashers! Here's a test to find out how observant you are!
Spot the differences between these two pictures and you will stand a chance to win 300 Gems!

Simply circle the differences on the picture, post it in the comments section with your IGGID and game platform. We will then reveal the answers and randomly pick 100 lucky winners with the...
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Share with us the most epic success/failure that you have with a Skull Knight! Can he solo against the world?
A new feature "Fountain" is coming to Castle Clash soon, what rewards will you wish for?
Which hero is your worst nightmare at guild war battles?
JT is rolling talent for an 180K might F2P player, can he get anything good?

[ Link ]
Follow Castle Clash & Win!

Event Duration: Mar 2nd - Mar 7th EST (GMT-5)
Event: Castle Clash's official account on WeGamers is now live! Follow the official account to win 300 Gems and Special Hero Card*1!
1. Download and register an account on WeGamers.
2. Tap "Contacts" and type "Castle Clash" to search for Castle Clash's official account.
3. Tap "Follow" on the account's profile page...
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What is the best raid team that you can think of? Show us your team!
Who is the luckiest F2P player you know? Tag him/her below and tell us how insane the luck is!
Which heroes are so useful and fun to play that you build multiple ones?