Castle Clash
yesterday at 02:00. Facebook
Did the expansion of the warehouse solve your "space" problems? Drop a line and let us know.
Castle Clash
02/17/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Has everybody got the new pet? Tell us below which hero goes along best with Auroria!
Castle Clash
02/16/2017 at 14:05. Facebook
Alpha Male is asking players which Valentine hero is the best, what do y'all think?
[ Link ]
Castle Clash
02/14/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
☆FB Event: Best Couple☆
Happy Valentine! Which two heroes will make the strongest couple in Castle Clash? Like, share and comment below with your answer, include your IGG ID and platform. We'll select random winners and giveaway 20 Valentina, 30 Pixie and 50 Cupid!

Include your IGG ID and game platform.
Limit one entry per player.
Entries must be your own, no copycats.
IGG and the Castle...
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Panderio CC is bringing us latest Heartbreaker gameplay! See how much damage she can cause at Lv168 with 6/10 skill.
[ Link ]
Castle Clash is updating soon, thank you for your patience. Take a closer look at Heartbreaker's skill and let us know what talent/crest is the best for her!
Meet Auroria, it has a 50% chance to deal 500% Pet ATK DMG to 3 random nearby enemy Heroes and stun them for 2.2s when its Hero is attacked. Which hero will you pair it with?
New Valentine Hero Sneak Peek! Do you think she will be a DPS, a tank or a healer?
The 2017 Super Bowl is here! Who is ready to watch the game and which team do you support? #SuperBowl51
Big thanks to all our Castle Clash YouTubers! Remember to subscribe and show them your support! Let us know who your favorite CC YouTuber is.
Ever wonder what a 250K might account looks like? Panderio is taking you for a tour!

Panderio CC: [ Link ]
Top or Bottom? Which is a better team and how will your pick their talents?
Which is the better talent for Michael? Tenacity or Life Drain?
Happy Lunar New Year Clashers! Anyone celebrating this holiday in their country?
Aevatrex double evolving Michael, can't wait so see him in real battles!

Support Aevatrex: [ Link ]
☆FB Event: Guild Shout-Out☆
What makes your guild so awesome? Give a shout-out to your guild, leave your IGG ID and Platform below and we'll pick 100 winners for 450 Gems!

Limit one entry per player.
IGG and the Castle Clash team reserve all rights to the final interpretation of this event, its entries, rules, and rewards.
Event Deadline: 1.27 12:00PM PST
Castle Clash has been selected for Google's 2017 Lunar New Year Campaign! Thank you all for making CC greater than ever!
How many differences can you find in this picture?