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Samke and Khanya have presented their dishes for the STOUT CHEF 2017 Final. Have a look and VOTE NOW: [ Link ].
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It’s on! The STOUT CHEF 2017 Final has begun. Samke and Khanya are preparing their dishes right now. Read about our finalists:
The reveal! We have our Stout Chef Round 2 winner. Plus, we’re announcing the voters who are getting cash prizes.
It’s all here:
You’ve met the bloggers who are competing in Round 2 for the title of STOUT CHEF 2017. Now Samke and Pulane have presented their dishes.

VOTE NOW: [ Link ].

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Round 2 of STOUT CHEF 2017 has begun. Now it’s Samke up against Pulane.
Meet them here:
The votes are in. You have chosen our STOUT CHEF 2017 Round 1 winner. Is it Thuli or Khanya? Plus, we have our winning voters who are getting cash prizes.
Find out now:
We’ve met the bloggers who are competing in Round 1 to see who will be crowned our STOUT CHEF 2017. Thuli and Khanya have created their dishes.

Here they are. VOTE NOW: [ Link ]

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Food for lovers (and chocoholics) on Valentine’s Day. @SamLinsell has created some wicked Chocolate Stout Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze.
Make them yourself with Sam’s easy 12-minute recipe: [ Link ].
Round 1 of STOUT CHEF 2017 is under way. Thuli and Khanya have been given their Mystery Boxes of ingredients.
See what’s in Mystery Box 1:
Win a share of R10 000 – vote for our STOUT CHEF 2017!

Four SA food bloggers. Two rounds of MasterChef-style competition. You choose our STOUT CHEF 2017. The theme is “Low and Slow”.

Meet the first 2 bloggers and see how you can win your share of
R10 000:

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Wishing you all the best for the new year, and every success in all your endeavours, from the Castle Milk Stout team.
They say it takes real skill to make the perfect risotto. J'Something makes it look simple, adding a dash of Castle Milk Stout for a unique twist.
We all love a good rack of ribs, don't we? They're even more flavourful when basted with Castle Milk Stout, as J'Something shows in this video.
Wishing you and yours a peaceful, fulfilling holiday, from all of us at Castle Milk Stout.
Lamb chops with lashings of Castle Milk Stout. J'Something shows us how to make them.
The always imaginative professional food stylist, Sam Linsell, uses Castle Milk Stout to add a rich layer of flavour to roast chicken.

You can follow her recipe here: [ Link ]
Make your own hearty, nutritious Stout Onion Soup. Just follow this video from J'Something. Savour every spoonful.
Let J'Something show you how to create a healthier version of a family favourite dish in this easy video.
Our ever inventive celebrity chef, J'Something, shows you how easy it is to make bangers & mash with a Castle Milk Stout gravy.
We can’t think of anything better than a rich Three Bean Chorizo Stew made with Castle Milk Stout to warm you right up. We’re so ready for seconds! Make this dish yourself by following J'Something in this easy video.