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03/20/2017 at 13:28. Facebook
We've been waiting all winter for this! Happy First Day of Spring! :)
[Photo of Chloe via Diane Warner]
We're always dressed for St. Patrick's Day with our green Cat Chow Naturals' bag ;) Hope you and your cats are enjoying the luck of the Irish today <3
It's If Pets Had Thumbs Day! What kind of mischief would your kitty get up to if he or she had thumbs? Would definitely make keeping the Cat Chow out of reach more difficult!
DYK kittens become adult cats in just 12 months’ time, and their nutritional needs change? The transition to adult food should take 7–10 days, so plan ahead, and remember that the name of the game is slow and steady. The same advice applies when switching your adult cat's food!
It's Love Your Pet Day (& Family Day in most provinces)! How are you showering your cat with extra love today?
Ginger and Oreo have the right idea - hope you're spending Valentine's Day snuggled up to your special someone <3
[Thanks for the photo, Terry Blizzard!]
Did you know that cats meow to people, but not to other cats? Meowing is not part of natural cat language—it was developed almost exclusively for humans. Tell us about the ways your cats communicate with you!
Today is National Answer Your Cat's Question Day! What kinds of questions would your cats ask you if they could?
Did you hear? It's Dress Up Your Pet Day! Are your cats getting in on the fun or do they prefer to go au natural?
[Image by: Jenny Fenster]
Caturdays were made for games of hide & seek ;) How do you spend time with your cats on the weekend? We'd love to see your photos!
Happy New Year! Is your cat looking forward to a 2017 fueled by delicious Cat Chow? And naps, can't forget about the naps!
Merry Christmas! Although we have to say, we're most looking forward to Boxing Day! [Image by: Krystie Jasinski]
It's Pet Owners' Independence Day! On this wacky holiday imagine swapping places with your cats - they go off to work and you are on mouse patrol!
Looks like Earl is dreaming about catching a delicious snack! What do you think your cat's deepest Cattitude dreams are about? Post a photo of your sleeping cat including a descriptive caption for your chance to win! [ Link ]
Just because a cat lives indoors, doesn’t mean their food can’t be natural. Made with real chicken and turkey, Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor adult formula provides wholesome, natural nutrition suited to the unique needs of your cat’s indoor lifestyle!
It's National Cat Day! How's your cat showing off her cattitude today? We'd love to see your photos!
"What? I'm here to help!" Happy Thanksgiving - how's your cat helping out today?
"Did somebody say back to school? I'll be here when you get back…"