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It's Pet Owners' Independence Day! On this wacky holiday imagine swapping places with your cats - they go off to work and you are on mouse patrol!
Looks like Earl is dreaming about catching a delicious snack! What do you think your cat's deepest Cattitude dreams are about? Post a photo of your sleeping cat including a descriptive caption for your chance to win! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Just because a cat lives indoors, doesn’t mean their food can’t be natural. Made with real chicken and turkey, Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor adult formula provides wholesome, natural nutrition suited to the unique needs of your cat’s indoor lifestyle!
It's National Cat Day! How's your cat showing off her cattitude today? We'd love to see your photos!
"What? I'm here to help!" Happy Thanksgiving - how's your cat helping out today?
"Did somebody say back to school? I'll be here when you get back…"
Happy #WorldCatDay…wait, isn't that everyday?
"What better way to spend #CanadaDay?"
Assume hug position… all set. #HugYourCatDay
"Can we celebrate after my nap?" #HappyMothersDay
Hello #spring we've been waiting for you!
#NewYear Resolutions: 1. Sleep 2. Sleep 3. More Sleep
Cattitude can be hard work! How does your cat unwind around the house?
Mornings can be rough! What's a fool proof way to get you and your Cattitude cat out of bed? [Image by: Dori Szeliga]
Does your cat show off her Cattitude for the camera or is she wary of the paparazzi?
Happy Best Friends Day! Looks like these two are best buddies, share a photo of your cat and his best friend (cat or otherwise)! [Image by: Robin Capfer]
Looks like it's belly rub time! How does your cat show Cattitude when asking for attention? [Image by: Kerri Grantly]
Today is Eat What You Want Day - bring on the Cat Chow!