Catching Fire Movie
Catching Fire Movie
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Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Watch the NEW trailer for Wonder starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay - Coming to theaters November 17! Based on the best-selling novel by RJ Palacio. #ChooseKind
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????Use those reaction tabs to choose! #TheHungerGames
Catching Fire Movie 05/08/2017
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Tribute. Hero. MOCKINGJAY. ???? #TheHungerGames
Catching Fire Movie 05/02/2017
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Chins up, smiles on, Catching Fire fans! We have an exclusive offer for you to see Elizabeth Banks (aka Effie Trinket) like never before as the deadly Rita Repulsa! Buy 1 Power Rangers Movie ticket using Atom Tickets, get 1 ticket FREE! Use code RANGERSBOGO at and see it with your squad in theaters this Thursday!
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"Thank you for your consideration." #TheHungerGames
Catching Fire Movie 02/28/2017
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Happiest of Birthdays to our Effie, Elizabeth Banks! #TheHungerGames
Catching Fire Movie 02/10/2017
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Don’t miss Elizabeth Banks (aka #TheHungerGames’ own Effie Trinket) in the brand NEW Power Rangers Movie trailer as #RitaRepulsa! In theaters March 24.
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“Fire is catching.” #TheHungerGames
Catching Fire Movie 01/16/2017
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Wish a very Happy Birthday to Liam Hemsworth! #TheHungerGames wouldn’t be the same without you or Gale.
Catching Fire Movie 01/13/2017
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