Rising sea levels are pushing people from their homes and their jobs. Climate change is changing everything, but communities in Bangladesh are fighting back. See how they are doing it: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Kids will be kids. No matter where you are in the world, kids will find a way to entertain themselves just like these kids from our country programs. Do your kids #bottleflip too? #bottleflipchallenge
Here's your inspiration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. What's your favorite #MLK quote?

15 of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Most Inspiring Motivational Quotes

On this World Day of Migrants and Refugees, take a look at how CRS is renovating buildings in Greece to provide housing for families in need, like Talal Restmo, who with his family fled violence in #Syria. Because of your support and donations, families like Talal's are able to find comfort in their time of need. Learn more about how you can help: [ Bit.ly Link ]. #WorldDayofMigrantsandRefugees
Human trafficking is considered modern-day slavery, and there are more slaves today than at any other time in history. It’s estimated there are more than 21 million human trafficking victims worldwide.

This is the story in pictures of some of those most affected by trafficking in Peru. Read to learn how you can stop #humantrafficking: [ Bit.ly Link ].
Ever wonder what happens after a disaster strikes? Because of location, countries like Indonesia are more at risk to have natural disasters from volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. Here's how CRS works to reduce the effects of disasters so families can move forward with their lives.
Today, on this #HumanTrafficking Awareness Day, we pray for an end to what Pope Francis calls ‘’a true crime against humanity.” Help us fight this modern-day slavery that impacts millions around the world. Light the way to a brighter future by purchasing a fair trade candle here: [ Bit.ly Link ]. #CCGPoverty

Turn on the light. Help stop human trafficking.

"Be who God meant you to be and you can set the world on fire." - St. Catherine of Siena.

Did you know that you can live out your faith with us? You can become an integral part of a faith community who is committed to feeding the hungry, educating children, training workers, growing crops, and comforting and healing the sick, building a path to justice and protecting life. You can make a...
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Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

“The Epiphany embodied in the Christ child was and is to be seen as a light revealed in all directions…" to paraphrase G.K. Chesterton, where Christ lay homeless, all have found a home.

Read more in this thoughtful Epiphany. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Events and ongoing crises have shaped 2016. Looking forward, we pray for those lives who are affected by violence, poverty, or drought. Here's a look at the top five humanitarian stories we think are relevant to 2017 and how we can shape a better future together. Learn more at bit.ly/2hYSQgC.

Catholic Relief Services

Today we're excited to unveil that CRS Fair Trade is now CRS Ethical Trade! Visit their brand new website to learn how #WeAreLinked: [ Bit.ly Link ]
As we start a new year, we would like to thank all of you for your generous support in 2016. Your inspiring gifts have touched people around the world. You helped save, protect and transform lives through your gifts.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for being a voice for the poor. And thank you for giving.
Slaves. It is estimated that there are more slaves today than any other time in history. As #HumanTrafficking Awareness Month begins, take action and join us as we Turn on the Light to this modern form of slavery: [ Bit.ly Link ]. #CCGPoverty
We would like to introduce Sean Callahan, our new president & CEO. Sean’s face may look familiar—he’s been with CRS for 28 years, serving most recently as chief operating officer. Please take a moment to watch his special video message and get to know his heart and vision.
"Nonviolence: A style of politics for peace" is the theme Pope Francis selected for today's 50th World Day of Peace. We think this is a great message to start off the New Year.
Today is the last opportunity to make a tax deductible gift in 2016! Will you answer the prayers of our brothers and sisters around the world? Every gift offers hope. Give today! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Make a meaningful tax deductible donation before year-end - Catholic Relief Services

When King Herod threatened to kill the newborn Jesus, Mary and Joseph took their child and fled to Egypt -- refugees fleeing the threat of death in their home country, just like so many refugees today. Take a few moments to encounter Christ in the faces of refugee families and reflect on our Gospel call to live in solidarity: [ Bit.ly Link ].

Holy Family, Refugee Family: Digital Retreat

Hear it from our colleagues and the people we serve around the world. What you give today makes the greatest difference to our brothers and sisters. Make your year-end tax deductible gift now: [ Bit.ly Link ].
A look at the year 2016 through the lens of our photographers. Which one is your favorite photo? Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ].
Families around the world look to us for help. You can answer their prayers, and reveal all the goodness in your heart and the strength of your faith. Please make a meaningful year-end and tax deductible gift to Catholic Relief Services today.

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