There are many forms of love. As we assist people around the world, we are fortunate enough to see love every day. Today, we want to share with you those good feelings by pairing some wonderful photos with our favorite Bible verses. Find more photos and verses here: [ Link ]
Think all graffiti is bad? Think again.

In Chicago’s Little Village community, an arts intervention, violence prevention youth program helps at-risk youth become agents of change.

Thanks to a CRS Rice Bowl grant, this graffiti with a spiritual side is sharing the “good news” of Jesus while helping young people rise above gang activity and violence. Encounter the spirit of this community...
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Thanks to Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, 941 households received emergency supply kits who were displaced by recent flooding in Timbuktu, Mali. The kits were prepared by CRS staff last week.
In less than two weeks, we will encounter Lent. Are you ready? Pope Francis has asked Catholics the world over to use this Lent as a time to encounter our neighbors and God in a new way.

Make sure your faith community is ready by ordering free CRS Rice Bowl materials: [ Link ] #encounterLent
We are very honored to be a semi-finalist for the MacArthur Foundation #100andchange competition with our partners Lumos & Maestral International. Together we hope to solve a problem that’s been ignored for too long—the institutionalization of children.

At least 8 million children – and likely many millions more – live in orphanages around the world that can have negative long-term effects...
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Did you know there are two Valentines? St. Valentine of Rome & St. Valentine of Terni. They both pledged the ultimate sacrifice for God's love when they were martyred for their faith.

Today, we remember their sacrifice and we continue to honor their devotion by purchasing ethically-produced gifts for those we love with CRS Ethical Trade.

Learn more about this special day here: [ Link...
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If you're trying to figure out any last minute gift ideas for St. Valentine's Day, look no further than a gift that keeps giving. Honor your Valentine with a gift in their name that provides hope and assistance to refugees and children in peril, feeds hungry families and protects mothers and babies. [ Link ]
Gold. You may have it in your home or you could be wearing it. But do you know where it comes from? Gold mining is big business, and it has a huge impact on people’s health and the environment. Learn how gold mining is pulling communities into climate change: [ Link ]
Your support reached millions in need last year. Thank you for your commitment in supporting our mission to helping the world's poor and vulnerable around the world. If you donated to us last year, visit our donor portal to print your tax return here: [ Link ]
Think outside the chocolate box for Valentine's Day by showing your loved ones they are special with a gift in their name that helps others. For $25, you and your loved one can provide 12 children with health exams.

When you give your gift, you can choose to send a special Valentine's card to your loved one. Shop for more gifts ideas here: [ Link ]
Today we honor the courage and fortitude of St. Josephine Bakhita. Born in Sudan and sold into slavery at age 9, Bakhita experienced profound trauma during her time in captivity. Many years later she found freedom in Italy and became a religious sister in the order of the Canossian Daughters of Charity, serving those in need for the remainder of her life.

On this International Day of Prayer &...
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Did you know that malaria is one the largest killers of children in Africa? the good news is this disease can be stopped -- and young lives saved -- with preventative medication and treatment. We are working with local partners in countries like Niger to make malaria a disease of the past. Here's how you can help: [ Link ]
We join together with Senator Ben Cardin, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and World Relief for a Facebook Live about refugees. There have been a lot of questions about the restrictions of refugees. This press conference will look at some of the concerns with the restrictions.
On behalf of the 65 million people displaced around the world, please offer a prayer for them today. For more resources to help keep those in need in your thoughts, prayers and actions, visit: [ Link ]
Our hearts are full with love as we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s day you can share the love with those in need by purchasing gifts that care for workers and the planet. Visit the CRS Ethical Trade shopping guide today: [ Link ]
"We must not be taken aback by their numbers, but rather view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories." - Pope Francis.

If our work with refugees overseas has taught us one thing it's this: refugees are people, just like us. We have heard their stories, seen their struggles, and share their heartbreak. As the debate about refugees continues, we want to show you a...
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Friends, over the past few days we’ve had an enormous number of comments about our posts on the Administration’s executive order restricting refugees. We appreciate the many questions and comments we received on this complex and controversial issue, and we’re glad for the chance for an open conversation, including those who disagree with our position. We welcome...
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Join us for a conversation about the executive order to restrict refugees with Megan Gilbert and Bill O'Keefe.
Join us today at 2:00pm EST for a Facebook Live on the impact of the recent executive order to restrict refugees with CRS' Bill O'Keefe, vice president for Government Relations and Advocacy. In the meantime, read our most recent statement on the executive order: [ Link ]
"I would like to ask you all to see a ray of hope as well in the eyes and hearts of refugees and of those who have been forcibly displaced." - Pope Francis

Behind the refugee crisis are people. Children, mothers and families who were forced to leave their homes because of ongoing violence and fear. Our brothers and sisters around the world face uncertainty and are desperately seeking refuge....
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Syrian Refugees: Meet the People Everyone's Talking About