Did you catch Pope Francis' #TEDtalk yesterday? He spoke about how it is important for humans to connect to each other. When we share our stories and try to understand one another, we are doing God's work.

In Chicago, a community afflicted by violence is practicing this by using peacemaking circles to create a safe space where everyone can speak their mind and build a relationship with one...
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Maureen A Rigley
This is heartwarming. This is how just $50 helps a child with disabilities in Laos step towards a brighter future. For more gift ideas, visit our gift catalog: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Let's talk about Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) on World Malaria Day. It's a relatively new approach that involves the regular administration of anti-malarial medication during the rainy season to children between three and 59 months, the age group most at risk for severe illness and death.

The World Health Organization estimates that SMC can prevent 75% of malaria cases. Last year...
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Lets talk about Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention SMC on World Malaria Day Its
As we begin this Easter season, we want to give a huge thank you! Your Lenten prayers, fasting & almsgiving are changing lives. Don't forget, it's not too late to give to CRS Rice Bowl: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Triggering subconscious brilliance
On Divine Mercy Sunday, reflect on what "mercy" means with Fr. James Martin, SJ.
Joseph Frango
Brigitte Poischen
Charles Herbek
On #EarthDay, we are taking a look at our work over the past year. We've met many people around the world who are affected by rising temperatures, prolonged periods of drought, and erratic weather patterns that bring flooding and natural disasters. Watch and share their stories.
Anthony Hole
Mickey Grimes
Solomon Turyam
What do sweet potatoes, pumpkins, fishing equipment, goats, and clean water have in common? They are all part of new solutions being used by people in Madagascar who were previously trying to live through a severe drought.

But thanks to you, a difference is being made. The power of your support is incredible. Learn how you can donate: [ Bit.ly Link ].
What do sweet potatoes pumpkins fishing equipment goats and clean water have
Catholic Relief Services
What are you doing for #EarthDay? God calls us to be stewards of the Earth and to care for His creations. Here are 10 ways you can help the world on Earth Day: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Triggering subconscious brilliance
Look what we found in our Easter basket! Don't forget that now is the time to empty your CRS Rice Bowl.
Look what we found in our Easter basket Dont forget that now

Empty Your Rice Bowls

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Ruth Donaldson
When you give to CRS Rice Bowl, you may think you are only helping people overseas. But 25% of your donation stays in your community.

In Chicago, your money is helping youth and families affected by violence and incarceration build up their neighborhoods through mentoring, peacebuilding and, believe it or not, woodworking.

At CRS, we see the good news and the strength of the human spirit...
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Stacey Butler
Maggie Gorman Purcell Rohlwing
Gloria Gloe
CRS is blessed to have a donor like you. Because of your support, you help refugees fleeing conflict, farmers facing drought and parents struggling to provide for their children.

If you donated to us in 2016, visit our donor portal to print your CRS tax receipt.
CRS is blessed to have a donor like you Because of your

Print Your Tax Receipt

Theodore Kanyiki
Wishing everyone a Joyous and Happy Easter!
Wishing everyone a Joyous and Happy Easter
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Alice D. Burgos
What's in your Easter basket? Learn from CRS Ethical Trade how you can make the most of Easter with these tips that will make the Ethical Easter bunny and your soul happy.
Whats in your Easter basket Learn from CRS Ethical Trade how you

5 Tips to Avoid Becoming an Easter Basket Case | CRS Ethical Trade

We look at our world torn by war, hunger, disease and hate, and we grow discouraged. But God turns death and failure into life and victory. This is the Easter perspective, the message of the Gospel: we see the suffering, but we see the joy, too, the slow work of Godβ€”and we commit to act.

Continue your reflection at CRS Rice Bowl: [ Bit.ly Link ].
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One of our favorite things about CRS Rice Bowl is encountering our brothers and sisters around the world right in our own kitchen. Did you try CRS Rice Bowl's recipes this year? Which recipe was your favorite? Find and save your meatless recipes here: [ Bit.ly Link ].
One of our favorite things about CRS Rice Bowl is encountering our

Lenten Recipes | CRS Rice Bowl

This Lent, CRS Rice Bowl took us on a journey to encounter our neighbors. We met the Singh family in India, Evelina from Zambia, Fernando from El Salvador, Maria from Mexico, and Dita from Ethiopia. What was your favorite story this Lent?
Brigitte Poischen
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We used to think orphanages were the best place for vulnerable children. But now we know better. Research shows that children do better living with a family. We are working with our partners, Lumos and Maestral International, to provide the support families need to stay together. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ]. #100andChange
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20 million people in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen are facing the threat of famine and starvation in the next six months. You can do something about it. Click the link to send a message to your Senators and Representative asking them to provide $1 billion in emergency spending in the FY17 continuing resolution. #CCGPoverty
20 million people in South Sudan Somalia Nigeria and Yemen are facing

Your Care And Action Needed Now To Stem "Quiet Famine"

Pamela Morrill
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Duke Fillmore
As we enter Holy Week, CRS Rice Bowl offers some wonderful resources for prayer and reflection.
As we enter Holy Week CRS Rice Bowl offers some wonderful resources
Bee Trends
Be a drive for change around the world when you donate your used car to us. Learn how this donation counts as a tax deduction for next year by visiting our donor portal: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Be a drive for change around the world when you donate your