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There's still time to nominate your cat in this year's #NationalCatAwards! The 'Most Caring Cat' category is for cats who have had a positive impact on a person's health or wellbeing. Does this sound like your feline friend? Nominate them for an award today: [ Link ]
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It's time for the latest episode in our epic documentary miniseries, Planet Cat! This final episode explores the complex relationships found in multi-cat households.

Learn more about these marvellous animals: [ Link ]
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Awww, this is such a sweet story! Tell us your own adoption story in the comments below ❤
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***The behaviour Q&A is now over***

Thanks for your questions, everyone! for more behaviour advice, please visit our behaviour hub: [ Link ]
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Freya and her humans had a wonderful reunion thanks to her microchip. Here's her story: [ Link ]
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Check out our stylish new shop on Gloucester Road, Bristol! Not only is it stunning - like all our shops, it'll help raise much-needed funds for cats in the local area.

We have over a hundred shops across the UK and more planned, so keep an eye on [ Link ] to find a shop near you!
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Do you recognise this cat? We're searching for the owners of this adventurous feline who hopped onto a bus and ended up in Southend-on-Sea following a 20 mile round trip! More: [ Link ]
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Tabitha and her friend, Precious, came from a multi-cat household and their owner was no longer able to keep them. These friendly, affectionate ten-year-old ladies are looking for a lovely new home together.

Precious has had some issues with her urinary tract which we believe were probably caused by past stress but she is fine on a normal diet now. Would you be willing to share your home with...
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Today is National #LoveYourPetDay! How are you showing your cat you love them?
Cats are beautiful, majestic creatures. Our EPIC documentary miniseries, Planet Cat, explores some of the most common cat behaviours… This episode focuses on a cat's need to hide and get up high.

Learn more about these marvellous animals: [ Link ]
Wondering how to introduce your new cat to your resident dog? Watch our practical guide to make sure that your cat and dog's first meeting is a positive one.
Did you know that you can watch one of our cats on live stream from Cats Protection - National Cat Adoption Centre each day? Tune in at [ Link ] to see Bojangles in action!
10 reasons why your cat is the best #ValentinesDay date: [ Link ]
Can you give a 'grumpy' cat a home this Valentine's Day? Elmo, Misty, Trois and Tinker (clockwise, from top left) are just some of our fabulous felines looking for their someone special.

To find out more about them and meet more moggies, visit: [ Link ]
If you’ve just got another cat – or are thinking about getting one – you may be wondering how to introduce them to your existing cat! Here’s a practical guide…
Save the date!

From 10 to 12 March, Pets at Home has offered Cats Protection another three-day fundraising event across all of their 430 stores. Our four previous dedicated weekends have raised over £165,000 for us, a fantastic boost to the kitty!

During this weekend all Pets at Home stores will be selling special Simon's Cat pin badges and offering customers the opportunity to donate 50p...
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Cats are beautiful, majestic creatures. Our brand new EPIC documentary miniseries, Planet Cat, explores some of the most common cat behaviours… In episode three we look at one of cats' favourite activities - sleeping.

Learn more about these marvellous animals: [ Link ]
Hunter came into the care of Cats Protection, Lea Valley Branch as a very poorly five-month old. After a blockage in his intestine was diagnosed, he underwent surgery and intensive treatment to bring him back to health. Read all about how he's doing: [ Link ]
When Queenie came into our care in late 2015 she was nervous of everything, often showing aggression towards her carers and potential adopters as a result. She's now in a wonderful new home - read how she progressed from shy girl to happy homed feline: [ Link ]
Have you got a truly heroic moggy? We'd love to hear their story! Nominate your cat for the 'Hero Cat' category in this year's #NationalCatAwards: [ Link ]