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The teams at your local Cats Protection charity shop are desperate to get their paws on your unwanted items!

Our shops always need good quality items to sell, and they sell everything, from fashion must-haves to household items.

So if you're clearing out your kitten heels and cat suits after the party season, or having a New Year re-decoration and need an excuse to buy new curtains, please...
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Can we find Clover a home? This pretty girl was a local stray and she's enjoying her cosy bed and regular meals now that she's in foster care, but she'd love a home of her own to settle in to.

She would prefer not to share with other cats or young children, but she will make a fantastic companion for a quieter home. She has been used to outdoor access so would love a garden to play in.

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Tommy, along with sister Bella, is just one of thousands of Cats Protection cats waiting for their forever homes this winter. Meet some more of our fab felines in our latest blog: [ Link ]
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Our lovely friends at Simon's Cat came to visit us at the end of 2016 and they’ve written a lovely blog about us! Visit: [ Link ] to find out more and hear about our VERY exciting joint plans for 2017!

Cat Care - with Cats Protection
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Like dogs, cats can be trained to sit or come when called. They may not be as easy to train as dogs, and are better trained in short bursts, but it can be done with positive reinforcement!
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Today is #BlueMonday - allegedly the most depressing day of the year. To help you beat those January blues, we've put together a handy hygge hub - check it out: [ Link ]
Don't give black cats a wide berth this #Friday13th - they're not bad luck! Despite this, black cats take longer to be adopted than their more colourful counterparts. Give them a chance - take a look at all of the beautiful black cats currently available for rehoming near you: [ Link ]

If you're not looking to adopt, please watch and share this video to bust some black cat misconceptions!
Did you know that cats can get frostbite? With much of the UK affected by #snow, here's our guide to a cat-safe snow day! ⛄
Wondering how to introduce your new cat to your resident dog? Watch our practical guide to make sure that your cat and dog's first meeting is a positive one.
Time is running out to vote for us in the Petplan & ACDH #AnimalCharityAwards! This is a great opportunity for exposure of the great work with animals Cats Protection has achieved over the past year. Nominations close on 13 January and we need your help, vote for us by visiting:
They sleep a lot and are crepuscular – this means they are typically more active during dawn and dusk, the same time their prey would be active in the wild. Try interactive play sessions with your cat to keep them occupied when they’re up and about!
Most cats get the royal treatment so we think it's only appropriate they get a fitting name too.

Find your cat's royal name with our handy name generator and tell us in the comments below!
Have you ever wondered what your cat's trying to say when they miaow? Watch our video for advice from our Behaviour Manager, Nicky Trevorrow.
If you have two cats, you may notice their relationship changes while they’re young adults. This could be due to them reaching ‘social maturity’, which means they become more independent and conflicts are more likely to occur. This means that the availability and placement of resources (such as food, water, sleeping places and litter trays) becomes even more important.
Wondering what to do with your old Christmas jumper now the festive season's over? Or perhaps you got an unwanted jumper as a present? Don't let it go to waste - upcycle it into a gorgeous bed for your cat! Here's how...

Our annual Cat Calendar features many of our gorgeous ex-CP cats, submitted by our brilliant Facebook supporters in our 2014 calendar appeal. We had so many entries they’ve lasted until our 2017 calendar – but we’re now looking for new cats to feature in CP’s Cat Calendar 2018.

If you think your cat would make a beautiful calendar cat, please download an entry form ([ Link ], fill it...
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Why not do something daring in 2017? Skydiving is an experience you'll never forget - and you'll be raising funds for cats in need at the same time!

Here's a little taster of what to expect... to find out more and sign up visit: [ Link ] #CatChampions
Looking for a #NewYear bargain? Check out the special offers in our online shops: [ Link ] and [ Link ]

Available while stocks last, so hurry!