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"After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations." - Oscar Wilde
Here's our take on what happened on Election Night, why the polls got it so wrong and how verified voters on Brigade helped forecast the outcome: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

How Brigade Voters Forecasted a Trump Victory When Polls Didn’t

Among voters on Brigade, 94.5% of Republicans pledged to vote for Donald Trump; only 55% of Democrats pledged to back Hillary Clinton. NPR has the details: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

An App Saw Trump Winning Swing States When Polls Didn't

Help friends in other states recruit for candidates they support! Find them on Brigade and ensure victory on #ElectionDay
ONE WEEK! Go to brigade.com/ballot to pledge your votes and share your picks with friends!

Ballot Guide

Should California Legalize Marijuana?

Vote Yes here: [ Brigade.com Link ]

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Get important text message reminders before Election Day when you join Brigade. Click here to get started: brigade.com/ballot.
24 days until the election. Make your voice and your vote count: brigade.com/ballot.
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State and local candidates and ballot initiatives have a huge impact on your daily life and need your attention now!

BuzzFeed: Fight Presidential Election Fatigue With Down-Ballot Excitement

Brigade, the world’s first network for voters, is pleased to join the TurboVote Challenge, an impressive list of corporate and nonprofit partners who share the goal of achieving 80 percent vo…

Brigade Takes the TurboVote Challenge

We're thrilled to partner with We The Voters, a nonpartisan digital slate of 20 short films designed to inform, inspire and activate voters: onbriga.de/WTVblog. We'll be sharing the films here in the weeks to come! #wethevoters

Brigade Joins “We The Voters” Campaign

Ahead of Labor Day, see how you compare to other voters on family leave, minimum wage, union membership, workplace rights and other topics: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Have thoughts on Donald J. Trump's surprise trip to Mexico? Share them here: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Was Donald Trump right to visit Mexico before his big immigration speech?

Hillary Clinton argues that Donald Trump is the candidate of racists. What's your take? [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Do you have an opinion on the ongoing controversy over the Clinton Foundation? Share your views on Brigade: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Weigh in on equal pay on #WomensEqualityDay! [ Onbriga.de Link ]