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Are you a Postman Pat extraordinaire? Take our quiz and find out how well you know our fave postman ❀

Quiz: How well do you know Postman Pat?

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"In this house, we don't lick the cat."
"Please stop twerking on your brother."
"He's allowed to use whatever voice he wants when he plays!"

What are your strangest "telling-offs"?
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Learning numbers the fun way with BRAND NEW Numberblocks, starts Monday
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What's the strangest reason why your tot's thrown a tantrum?

The biscuit is sleeping?
There's air in the wind?
You're breathing?

Why do toddlers have tantrums?

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Send us your #RealisticResolutions.
"This year, I resolve to wait for my own dinner and not cook two extra fish fingers for myself!"

"This year, I will change the nappy as soon as I smell it, rather than ask my partner 'do you smell something?'"
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*Ironing tiny clothes?
*Seeing the bottom of the laundry basket?
*De-snotting your child?

What are the everyday tasks that give you small joys?

#BrightMonday #BlueMonday #Mindfullness
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We LOVE how CBBC's 4 O'Clock Club are turning this #BlueMonday into a #BrightMonday with this Dolly Parton rendition!

Where's Zammo & Mrs McClusky though?
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It's almost 7:25 AM and time for Postman Pat: SDS
Find out what you need to know before it starts!

10 Secrets from the set of Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service

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Dance and learning make great partners!

Cat will put your little ones through their paces in "Magic Door"-- ready to use at home, nursery or school on the CBeebies website

[ Bbc.co.uk Link ]
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Today is International World Religion Day, an interfaith celebration of unity among religions.

How do you discuss different faiths with your little ones?
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"Get the laughs out, come on - get them out"

Lots of general January grumbling around today, so we've dug out our favourite infectious giggle clip...
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Comment of the Week is from Ben B, who shared his experience of male PND and mental health.
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These kids have got their priorities right on My Pet and Me ...
We foooood...
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What a man! *NEW* Postman Pat Special Delivery starts at 7:25 AM on Monday.
Don't miss the post! βœ‰βœˆ
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Looking for something to do inside with the kids?

Don't forget the CBeebies website has bags of craft ideas...

Make and Colour - Craft activities for kids

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The Godfather of gunge, Dave Benson Phillips!

Who remembers this show from the 90s?
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Tomato sauce- three different ways! Make up big batches to freeze when you need a quick, weekday family meal.

How to make a tomato sauce

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Who remembers Mildred Hubble?

The Worst Witch starts today over on CBBC at 4:30pm ✨
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Many school applications are due in at the end of this month!

Have you sent yours in- or has this post reminded you to panic?!!!