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New economic research from MIT economics professor David Autor and his colleagues points to labor issues that helped Donald Trump win the presidential election.

Why men are having problems getting married
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As potential crackdown on legalized marijuana looms, one pot advocate compares industry regulations to the president's proposed border wall.

Trump administration causing nervous ripple through pot industry
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WATCH LIVE: White House Press Sec. Sean Spicer gives press briefing.
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“I lost my job a year ago…I guess it’s time to reinvent myself.”

WATCH: At the age of 54, a man from Erie, Pa., may have to leave the only home he’s ever truly known; watch CBSN Original, “America - Manufacturing Hope,” to hear his story and others tonight at 8 p.m. ET. [ Link ]
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Nunes said he knows of no evidence that Trump aides were in contact with Russian agents.

House Intel Chair says Trump-Russia ties can't become witch hunt
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Storm chasers found the best way to pay tribute to the man who helped bring the “visibility of storm chasing to the public” with his 1996 hit movie.

The unique way 200 storm chasers honored "Twister" star Bill Paxton
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The budget blueprint is expected to be released in mid-March, and Congress will have the final say over federal spending levels.

Trump budget would boost defense spending, offset with cuts to domestic programs
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The former president also defended the media's role in keeping world leaders in check.

George W. Bush says "we all need answers" on Trump team-Russia connection
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"I didn't want his daughter to grow up without a dad."

Surgeon donates kidney, saves life of sick colleague
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CBS News spoke with a range of experts and former officials about the vetting process to obtain visas and for refugees, and what "extreme vetting" might entail.

Inside the U.S. vetting system Trump wants to replace
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Rachel Dolezal, NAACP leader who resigned in 2015 amid criticism that she was passing herself off as black, says she is near homelessness.

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal says she can't find job
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America has some "very, very bad players," and "we are getting them the hell out of our country," Pres. Trump told governors in a White House meeting on Monday. [ Link ]
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Sunday's eclipse was the first of two in 2017, and the next one will offer quite a show for viewers in the U.S..

Stunning views of rare "ring of fire" annular eclipse
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Neil Fingleton, a 7-foot 7-inch actor who played the giant Mag the Mighty in "Game of Thrones," has died at 36.

Neil Fingleton, "Game of Thrones" actor, dead at 36
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In a public letter issued Sunday in four languages, including English, Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada said that, “the Mujahideen and beloved countrymen must join hands in tree planting.”

Taliban leader issues unusual battle cry for Mother Nature
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President Donald J. Trump's proposal for the 2018 budget year, which will be sent to agencies Monday, won’t make significant changes to Social Security or Medicare, according to an administration official.

Pres. Trump's budget to propose raising defense spending levels
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CBS News spoke with a range of experts and former officials about the vetting process and what "extreme vetting" might entail.

Inside the U.S. vetting system Trump wants to replace
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Ryan Owens was killed during a U.S. raid against al Qaeda militants last month in central Yemen, which was an operation authorized by the president.

White House official says Trump likely to support probe into death of Navy SEAL
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The Academy's president said the film industry is "becoming more diverse with each passing day," and the Oscar ceremony seemed to reflect that more than last year.

Diversity at Oscars 2017 a contrast from last year's ceremony
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Over half of the public also said they think the media has been exaggerating problems by the administration.

Majority think news media has been too critical of Trump, according to new poll