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U.K. officials want to access an encrypted messaging program Khalid Masood used before Wednesday's deadly rampage.

London attacker sent message that can't be accessed, official says
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Americans are facing surging water prices as aging infrastructure and climate change take a toll.

Gulp! Water increasingly unaffordable for many Americans
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Hours after President Donald J. Trump urged followers to "watch @JudgeJeanine," she opened her show with a call for Paul Ryan to step down as speaker.

Trump's tweet on Jeanine Pirro had nothing to do with Paul Ryan, says speaker's office
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The Oregon Ducks pulled off an upset over the top-seeded Jayhawks, giving them their first Final Four bid in 78 years.

March Madness: Oregon stuns Kansas to earn ticket to Final Four
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The new skin is more sensitive and uses natural energy from the sun’s rays instead of batteries currently used by similar materials.

"Solar-powered skin" could open new doors for prosthetics
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“Yessssssirrr!” CBS Sports' Verne Lundquist reminisces on some of the most memorable sports calls he made during his 50-plus year career.

Verne Lundquist: Calling the shots
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Nearly a month after losing her 16-year-old daughter in a car crash, Cindy Mathis found something that gave her the comfort she desperately needed.

"Open when you miss me": Late daughter leaves behind letters to mom
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The inventor of Super Glue died today in 2011, leaving us with something that's bound to stick around.

The memory of Super Glue’s inventor sticks around
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On the street and in the shelters, Dr. Jim O'Connell dispenses just about everything from stitches in the arm to surgery for the soul.

Boston doctor makes house calls for the homeless
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60 Minutes' investigation into terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, shows how hard it is to stop such attacks -- even when a terrorist is identified.

Anderson Cooper investigates first ISIS-claimed attack in U.S.
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At this stage in his life and career, what 72-year-old actor Danny DeVito doesn’t want to do is slow down, or play it safe. [ Link ]
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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said the president will sign an executive order this week undoing Barack Obama's plan to curb global warming.

EPA chief says Trump plans executive order undoing Obama Clean Power Plan
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Sean Hannity: “Do you think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America?”
Ted Koppel: "Yes."
More from their CBS Sunday Morning conversation: [ Link ]
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Ranking House Intel member Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., are at odds over whether it was appropriate for Devin Nunes to brief Pres. Donald J. Trump on "incidental collection," they tell Face The Nation.

Intelligence committee members disagree on dust-up involving Devin Nunes
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The failure to win over the Freedom Caucus -- made up of the most conservative members in the House -- ultimately doomed the American Health Care Act, resulting in an embarrassing failure in the first legislative test of Donald J. Trump's presidency.

Trump tweets about Democrats, Freedom Caucus after health care bill fails
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"To release a bill that was written in secret and then expect to pass it in 18 days, I just don't think was feasible," Sen. Cotton said on Face The Nation.

Sen. Tom Cotton says House moved too fast on "repeal and replace"
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While the motivations behind gender identifications are different for everyone, CBSN Originals offers a glimpse into why one college freshman identifies as non-binary. [ Link ]
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In confirming the death of Qari Yasin, U.S. officials said Yasin was a senior terrorist figure from Balochistan, Pakistan and had plotted multiple al-Qaida terror attacks.

Pentagon confirms death of al Qaeda leader in airstrike
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For her 75th birthday, CBS Sunday Morning looks at the history of Wonder Woman, the most popular comic-book superheroine of all time. [ Link ]
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Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption campaigner who is leading the opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was arrested while walking to a demonstration.

Opposition leader arrested as protest wave sweeps Russia