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The 459-meter-long Yuantong Bridge across the Yellow River was put into operation on Wednesday. #SeeChina
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Dragon dancers perform during dragon dance contest in Myanmar

A dragon dance contest was held in Yangon, Myanmar, on Wednesday night to celebrate the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year, which falls on Jan. 28 this year. #ChineseNewYear #ChineseCulture
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China's economy grew 6.7 percent year on year in 2016, the slowest pace of growth in 26 years, but well within the government's target range, official data showed Friday. #ChineseEconomy

China's economy grows 6.7 pct in 2016
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President Xi Jinping announced on Wednesday that China will provide an additional 200 million yuan ($29.1 million) in humanitarian assistance to help refugees and the homeless in the Syrian crisis. #XiVisit #XiJinping

Xi says more help on way for Syria refugees
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Tehran's mayor confirmed the death of twenty firefighters in the commercial building in the capital of #Iran on Thursday, Tasnim news agency reported.

Earlier reports said at least 30 people were killed in the collapse of a 17-story commercial building.
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China on Thursday voiced its expectations that cooperation and bilateral ties with the new U.S. administration would continue to strengthen from a new starting point.

China expects to strengthen ties with U.S.
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Two days after announcing a "hard #Brexit" objective, British Prime Minister Theresa May was trying to assuage global concerns about Brexit in a special address on Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Theresa May tries to dispel Brexit worries at Davos forum
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It's being reported that dozens are feared dead after an avalanche crushed a luxury hotel in a mountainous area of central Italy hit by earthquakes on Wednesday. Up to 30 people are missing, including 20 guests and several employees of the resort.
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A Japanese hotel chain has sparked fury on social media recently for placing books in its guest rooms denying the Nanjing Massacre and the forced recruitment of "comfort women" ever happened.

Commentary: Untruthful right-wing books placed in hotels show Japan's urgent need to face history squarely
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First China-Britain freight train reaches London

After its 18-day journey, the first freight train from China to Britain arrived in London on Wednesday.

The train departed east China's Yiwu city in Zhejiang province and traveled some 12,000 km before reaching Barking in East London.

London is the 15th city in Europe added to the China-Europe freight train services. #ChinaToday
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Reaching for the sky in this acrobatic performance at CCTV #SpringFestivalGala. Stay with us for this year's gala on Jan. 27! #ChineseNewYear #ChineseCulture
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This time, Luc is having the last solar term of the year: Great Cold. Although it is very cold outside, people are busy shopping for the Spring Festival. Luc has learned some interesting folk customs and lucky words. #ChineseCulture #SolarTerm
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Countdown to Spring Festival: Worshiping "Kitchen God"

On the 23rd of the 12th month of the Chinese lunar new year, every family worship the “Kitchen God”. #SpringFestival #ChineseNewYear
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Today is Major Cold (Chinese: 大寒), the 24th solar term on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

Major Cold is the last solar term in winter and also the last solar term in the annual lunar calendar. In this period, snow, rain and icy cold weather exert a big influence on people's lives. #ChineseCulture #SolarTerm
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Aerial view of Zhangsuo Village in Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County, southwest China's Yunnan Province
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This is a delicate ballet performance. Watch as the performer dances beautifully on the man's shoulder.
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Mandarin ducks seen at winter habitat in Tianhu Lake, NW China's Shaanxi

Mandarin ducks are seen at their winter habitat in Tianhu Lake of Ningqiang County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
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Long Spout Teapot Tea-Making Performance

Long Spout Teapot Tea Performance, one kind of Kung Fu Tea performance, is a popular tea performace in southwest China's Sichuan east China's Zhejiang. #SpringFestivalWebGala
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Search for the Manchus

Filmmaker Evan Luchkow travels to Jilin Province in Northeast China to discover what contemporary Manchu culture looks like against the backdrop of a rapidly modernizing China. It turns out while Manchu culture may be fading, it is also making a surprising resurgence in unexpected places! Manchu culture remains a powerful and persistent influence on the culture and...
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