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Carrie Lam has promised to focus on the economy, providing jobs, and reforming government agencies. She says she’s aware that many people in Hong Kong dream of being able to vote directly, but she adds that political reforms should be shelved for a more appropriate time.

Carrie Lam elected first female chief executive of Hong Kong
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No suspect was in custody by the afternoon and police did not think the shooting at the Cameo club was terrorism-related.

Shooting at Cincinnati nightclub kills 1, injures 15
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Local residents said scores were buried under collapsing buildings. Despite the fighting, some have chosen to remain.

Civilians bear brunt of casualties in western Mosul
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Beneath the same balustrades where the EU's forefathers met 60 years before. And yet, like those they represent, they are divided.

European leaders gather in Rome to celebrate Treaty of Rome 60th anniversary
More than half of the country is under a state of emergency, and more rain is in the forecast.

Aid begins to reach flood-stricken Peru towns
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Daiana dos Santos, 26-years-old, had her daughter, Maria Clara, when she was just 14 and her son, Ithalo, two years ago. Both fathers abandoned their children.

Brazil’s Ministry of health: 1 in 5 children born to adolescent moms
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Since the beginning of 2017, heavy rains have ravaged Peru, cause devastating floods and mudslides. Officials have said more then 80 people have died so far and tens of thousands of people have been left homeless from the disaster.

CGTN has the latest news on the floods and the rescue effort to save Peruvians. Read more: [ Link ]
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A Congolese militia group has decapitated 42 policemen after ambushing them in an increasingly violent region where the U.N. is searching for missing American and Swedish investigators,

Congolese militia decapitates more than 40 police: Officials
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“I’m disappointed. These people are my friends,” Trump said. “I’m a little surprised, to be honest with you. It was here within grasp.”

Lack of votes forces Trump to pull plug on healthcare bill
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U.S President Donald Trump has withdrawn his healthcare bill after it failed to gain enough support to pass in Congress. The last minute move was seen as a huge setback for Trump, who had promised to repeal and replace “Obamacare” from day one in office.

The Heat: Roundtable analyzes week’s biggest stories
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A few weeks after her move from Washington,D.C. to China, Bao Bao is getting used to her new home. The Giant Panda is getting comfortable in her new enclosure. She spent the past month in quarantine - after spending her first three years at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute . She moved to Chengdu Research Base as part of the breeding-and-conservation program with...
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When Cuba and the United States agreed to resume commercial flights, 10 U.S. airlines rushed to get in on the act. Now two of the smaller companies, Frontier and Silver Airways, have decided to pull out, while others are cutting back.

Six months after flights to Cuba begin, airlines drop out & scale back
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Our Culture Curmudgeon Ahmad Coo reviews the Arena Stage play "Intelligence": ‘Intelligence’ in a post-fact world

‘Intelligence’ in a post-fact world
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“I dreamed of being in the Major Leagues but I didn’t make it. That doesn’t matter anymore because some of the guys I trained are there now, thanks to my advice and instruction, and for me it’s like being there too,” said Antonio Fuentes, Coach, Caracas Cumbres.

Baseball inspires Venezuelans amid country’s inflation, hunger, and crime
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“Our relations have never been more important and dynamic and as we were discussing a lunch yesterday, a comprehensive strategic partnership captures a shared commitment to greater prosperity and security,” Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister said.

Australia and China reach agreements aimed at increasing trade
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CGTN America talked to Haroon Siddiqui, Editorial Page Editor Emeritus and Columnist with the Toronto Star and Member of the Order of Canada about the solutions for ending the Islamic jihadi war. Haroon said ISIL is the product of the Iraq war. For 16 years, the major countries haven’t been able to clean up the mess left by the war. He said the solutions are stopping the wars in the Muslim...
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Republican leaders have abruptly pulled their troubled health care overhaul bill off the House floor, short of votes and eager to avoid a humiliating defeat for President Donald Trump and GOP leaders

House Republicans withdraw make-or-break health vote
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“It’s going to be an incredible pipeline,” Trump said. “Greatest technology known to man or woman and, frankly, we’re very proud of it.”

Despite President Trump approval of Keystone, pipeline faces some challenges
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CGTN's own Michal Bardavid was featured in this video about the power of dance. Watch here:
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In a briefing outside Scotland Yard, London's top counterterror officer, Mark Rowley, said two more "significant" arrests had been made, bringing to nine the number of people in custody over Wednesday's attack. Detectives have searched 21 properties in London, the central English city of Birmingham and Wales.

UK police give details of London attacker, make more arrests