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03/25/2017 at 13:53. Facebook
Point Plummet and Portside Plunge make for some stellar views of the park and Lake Erie! #CedarPointShores #IheartCP
Cedar Point
03/24/2017 at 19:30. Facebook
Lakeslide Landing looks incredible! #CedarPointShores Water Park is really starting to take shape.
Cedar Point
03/24/2017 at 17:41. Facebook
A little over 10 years ago, footers were being placed for a new ride. Today, we know that ride as the outlaw from the Wild West, Maverick. This year, Maverick is will be 10 years old! Do you remember your first time riding? #FlashbackFriday
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The most important decision you'll make all day is here. #nopressure #IheartCP
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In case you haven't heard, it's #NationalPuppyDay. Shoutout to everyone's favorite beagle, Snoopy!
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Good morning, beautiful. #CPSunrise #IheartCP
High school seniors, join us for #GradNiteCP on May 12! Bring your graduating class for rides, snacks and more. Check out the details here: bit.ly/GradNite17.

Grad Nite at Cedar Point

EVENT - facebook.com
Back when a dozen eggs cost less than 50 cents, everyone started craving everything Star Wars and the kids loved playing air hockey, this coaster was born. Do you remember your first ride on #Gemini?
The park opens in 46 days! #IheartCP
We're seeing some blooming over at #CedarPointShores Water Park! Point Plummet and Portside Plunge slide pieces are being installed this week and they look incredible. Cedar Point Shores will open May 27!
The snow is so quiet and peaceful. Quite a contrast to all the screams you hear during the summer! Enjoy this video and have a great weekend, friends.
The beach plays a major role in our history and holds special memories for many. Guests have traveled to the #CedarPointBeach to enjoy time with their family and friends for just under 150 years. What's your favorite memory of the Cedar Point Beach? #FlashbackFriday
Guys - there are only 50 more days until Opening Day! Tag all the friends you want to ride with this season. Plan your trip at cedarpoint.com.
Happy #StPatricksDay from your friends at Cedar Point!
β€ͺThings are sliding into place here at #CedarPointShores. Get it? Sliding. #‬
Life is about making choices. What's yours? #nopressure #IheartCP
Heads up - the Run & Ride registration increases for all races on March 18! Check out Run & Ride June 10 & 11. Click below for details.

Run & Ride at CedarPoint

Who's ready to binge-ride Maverick? Enjoy Maverick and all of our other roller coasters on May 6 & 7! And don't forget, the best way to ride all season long is with a Platinum Pass. Visit cedarpoint.com for more information.
FACEBOOK ALERT: If you're seeing a "Cedar Point will not reopen in 2017" story in your feed or in other places, it's a hoax and is FAKE. Don't click it! Trust us, we can't wait to open on May 6 & 7! Official calendar here:

Cedar Point Hours - Calendar | Cedar Point

All trips to Cedar Point are special. For 16-year-old Alyssa Elkins, this was the trip of a lifetime. Click below to see her story via NBC4.

Girl, 16, checks off bucket list item with behind the scenes tour of Cedar Point