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"We have put substantial efforts to stop its rise, but this is not enough. We must be quicker, stronger and act on several fronts."

'Alarming' superbugs a risk to people, animals and food, EU warns
Center for Food Safety
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Phone lines have often been busy and voice mail boxes full. See the latest Trump Administration food news and get a Town Hall Toolkit. Our Members of Congress are home this week. Find their meetings and get your questions answered!

One overlooked species it helps: Homo sapiens.

How the Endangered Species Act Helps Save Humans, Too
Center for Food Safety
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"A bumblebee's buzz is basically a superpower." - watch the fascinating video to see "sonication" (or buzz pollination).

Honeybee Buzz Literally Makes Flowers Explode With Pollen
Center for Food Safety
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"After more than a decade of unsuccessful efforts to eradicate the genetically modified grass it created and allowed to escape, lawn and garden giant Scotts Miracle-Gro now wants to step back and shift the burden to Oregonians and Idahoans."

GMO grass that ‘escaped’ Treasure Valley plot defies eradication
Center for Food Safety
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Getting ready for your spring planting? Check out these great tips.

7 Secrets For A High-Yield Vegetable Garden, Even When You're Tight On Space
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Public pressure works, especially by showing up and making your voice heard at town hall meetings!

It’s officially congressional recess and your Members of Congress probably flew back into town on Friday. We know it can sometimes be intimidating to attend these meetings, let alone speak up and ask a question, so to make it easier for you we have created a simple toolkit to help you look up...
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Get Active! Find a Town Hall Near You
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Healthy soil and a regenerative food system are incredibly important for mitigating climate change. Center for Food Safety will be marching with the food and agriculture hub at the Climate March in DC on April 29th. Join us!

To change everything, we need everyone.
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Did you know that nanosilver is designated as a pesticide by the EPA? CFS's Jaydee Hanson warns that overexposure to nanosilver, “may lead to bacteria becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.”

Why Trendy Nanosilver Products Are Hazardous to Your Health and the Environment
Center for Food Safety
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BREAKING: Climate change denier Scott Pruitt confirmed as EPA Chief despite major public opposition #PollutingPruitt

Polluting Pruitt Confirmed as EPA Chief - Public health, environment & wildlife will be put at risk
Center for Food Safety
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This morning we joined Friends of the Earth U.S. and Beyond Pesticides in delivering belated valentines to True Value stores to encourage them to show bees some love and stop selling bee-killing pesticides. Huge thanks to Frager's Hardware's efforts to raise awareness about the need for pollinator protection and for their promotion of safe-growing practices! #ShowBeesSomeLove
Center for Food Safety
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The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is the most powerful tool available to save America’s monarchs...but now the ESA is being threatened.

Analysis | The Endangered Species Act may be heading for the threatened list. This hearing confirmed it.
Center for Food Safety
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A state judge Thursday ordered Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s office to turn over what could be thousands of documents to a liberal group that has sought them for two years.

Judge orders release of EPA nominee’s emails
Center for Food Safety
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ICYMI: Andrew Puzder withdrew from consideration as Labor Secretary

Andrew Puzder Withdraws From Consideration as Labor Secretary
Center for Food Safety
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Scott Pruitt's full confirmation vote will likely be tomorrow. Tell your Senators to stand up for you and the environment! Vote NO on #PollutingPruitt! >> [ Link ]

Tell Congress to Block Scott Pruitt as Head of EPA
Center for Food Safety
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“Over the last five years, I think this small industry could easily have lost $1.2 billion worth of bees.” -Brett Adee, America's largest beekeeper

A Bee Mogul Confronts the Crisis in His Field
Center for Food Safety
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BREAKING: Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) says she will vote NO on Trump EPA Chief nominee Scott Pruitt.

‘I Will Vote No’ — Susan Collins Says She’ll Oppose Scott Pruitt to Lead the EPA
Center for Food Safety
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On the heels of the USDA removing Animal Welfare Act inspection reports from its website, the agency froze the implementation of the the only comprehensive federal law that regulates the welfare of animals raised for food. It is an “attack on transparency” and an attempt “to deny the public access to information they want to know and take action on.”

Absent Federal Policy, States Take Lead on Animal Welfare | Civil Eats
Center for Food Safety
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"The science is clear – this species is headed toward extinction, and soon. There is no legitimate reason to delay federal protections." -Rebecca Riley, senior attorney, NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Trump administration sued over protection for vanishing bumble bee