If enacted, Trump's budge cuts “will have tremendous impacts on farm communities, children in rural communities and farm workers,” said Kristen Schafer, program and policy director at Pesticide Action Network North America

Trump’s Budget Would Set Food System Progress Back Generations

Taj Anwar, a Georgia mother of four, is fighting hunger with her own farmer's market and food delivery service through Taj Anwar & Perrin Farms.
Center for Food Safety
03/23/2017 at 17:27. Facebook
“The last thing we need in science in this day and age is deception." -Sheldon Krimsky, a professor at Tufts University

Medical school to examine whether professor published paper partly written by Monsanto

Center for Food Safety
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URGENT: Today is corporate shill Sonny Perdue's USDA confirmation hearing. Fight back! Tell your Senators to BLOCK the confirmation of Perdue as USDA chief.

Tell Congress to Block Perdue as USDA Chief

Center for Food Safety
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In addition to health risks, significant crop damage from ...

EPA Sued for Approving Dow's Deadly Pesticide Combo

Center for Food Safety
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Take action on #WorldWaterDay! Tell Bee Sweet Citrus & Wonderful Halos to stop using oil wastewater on their crops! bit.ly/stopoilwastewater

Stop using oil wastewater!

Center for Food Safety
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Colleges are abuzz with pollinator-friendly practices! Tracking a successful year for the BEE Protective Campaign!

Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio for becoming a designated neonicotinoid-free campus

Center for Food Safety
03/22/2017 at 12:18. Facebook
Happy #WorldWaterDay! Water is a human right! We will continue to work alongside those who are fighting corporate greed and water privatization. We stand in solidarity with those whose water is being polluted, and threatened of being polluted.

#WaterandPower #NoDAPL
Center for Food Safety
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Joshua Noga from the Center for Food Safety Hawaii team shares his story that resonates with many of us.
Center for Food Safety
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We need your help to stop these anti-democratic bills before Trump signs them into law. Add your name to this petition urging the Senate to reject the Regulatory Accountability Act, the REINS Act, and the Midnight Rules Relief Act!

Sign the petition: Stop the corporate power grab in Congress

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It's official! The Rusty Patched bumble bee is listed as endangered!

Big congrats to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and The Xerces Society for your hard work on this!

Trump Administration Lifts Freeze on Endangered Bumble Bee

Center for Food Safety
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Happy International Day of Forests!
Center for Food Safety
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Today farmers, conservation groups, and food and farm justice organizations stood up to protest against the contamination of rural communities, our food supply, and the environment.

Twice the Toxicity: Farmers and Public Interest Groups Sue EPA for Approving Dow’s Deadly Pesticide

Center for Food Safety
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Do you think it's enough for General Mills to take the bee mascot off the Cheerios box and send wildflower seeds? There has been scant discussion about ditching neonic insecticides from their supply chain and seeds.

Cheerios will give away 100 million wildflower seeds to people who help save the bees

Center for Food Safety
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Don't let Sonny Perdue get confirmed without a fight! We will not stand for "business as usual." His confirmation hearing is set for this Thursday. Tell your Senators to vote NO on Sonny Perdue for USDA Chief! >> Add your voice: [ Cfs.center Link ]
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Happy 1st Day of Spring! Here's a message from Brielle Milla, the 5-year old beekeeper! This is guaranteed to brighten your day.

She’s Brielle-iant, Pollination Bees and Honey!

Ellen’s Brielle-iant 5-year-old is back as a beekeeper, and is teaching us everything about pollination and honey.

Center for Food Safety
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Neonicotinoids, which are linked with plummeting bee populations, could also be destroying farmland birds.

Birds join bees as pesticide victims

Center for Food Safety
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Are you starting to prep for your spring garden? Here's a great project - raised garden beds!
Center for Food Safety
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This is really cool!

(h/t to Soil Solutions for sharing it!)