Trans rights are human rights. We must protect trans kids.

Trump Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students
"It’s our right under the Constitution to decide who we are and to make the most intimate and personal decisions in our life without government interference—and to do so with dignity."

If abortion rights fall, LGBT rights are next
He said limiting access to abortion is not an "attack on women" because "half of the abortions include the death of a girl.

Politician Uses Baffling Logic To Justify Anti-Abortion Legislation
"Abortion is already all but inaccessible for poor Americans."

New Research Shows How Poor Women Are Effectively Banned From Getting Abortions
Texas lost at the Supreme Court. But they're still trying to find ways to shame women for seeking abortion.

Texas legislators double down on the next big abortion fight
This Presidents' Day, chip in to our Lawyer Up! fund for reproductive rights: [ Link ]
All women have the right to safe and respectful maternal health care that supports healthy pregnancies and births.

How racism harms pregnant women -- and what can help
These advocates are pushing policymakers to address socioeconomic inequalities and racial discrimination in maternal health care:
Racial discrimination is a leading factor in explaining why so many black infants are dying.

What’s Killing America’s Black Infants?
"The court condemned the Salvadoran government for her wrongful imprisonment and ordered that the government provide reparations for the harm she has suffered."

El Salvador pardons woman sent to jail for 30 years after being convicted of having abortion
Together with ACLU of Florida, we secured a key victory for Florida women!

Victory in Florida!
The anti-choice movement has its eye on banning the most common form of ending a pregnancy in the second trimester:

Focus on the fetus | VICE News
Find out what will happen in your state:

If Trump gets his way, these will be the first places to ban abortion
This Oklahoma bill banning abortion without a man's consent is blatantly unconstitutional. TAKE ACTION: [ Link ]

Why Oklahoma’s Anti-Abortion Fetal “Host” Bill Is So Noxiously Unconstitutional