We march because reproductive rights are human rights. And we're going to fight tooth and nail to defend them in the next four years and beyond.
We're waving flags at the Women's March on Washington with a message for the new administration.
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"If you attack what we hold most dear then you will have to answer to us all." —Our Pres. & CEO, Nancy Northup

Nancy Northup: I'm Marching on Washington for Reproductive Rights

We have our work cut out for us, but we're not backing down. Not now, not in the next four years. [ Bit.ly Link ]
"Michelle and I have raised our daughters to speak up when they see a double standard or feel unfairly judged based on their gender or race—or when they notice that happening to someone else. It’s important for them to see role models out in the world who climb to the highest levels of whatever field they choose. And yes, it’s important that their dad is a feminist, because now that’s what...
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Let us now look back on the best feminist moments from Obama's White House career

Worried about your reproductive rights? Our legal and advocacy experts have answers.

11 of Your Questions About the Future of Reproductive Rights, Answered by Legal Experts

We're live with PopSugar News! Ask your questions to our legal and advocacy experts about the future of reproductive rights:
Confirmation hearings for Rep. Tom Price start today. His record includes votes to repeal the ACA, defund Planned Parenthood, and ban abortion coverage. SHARE to spread the word: Price is clearly out of touch with the reality of women's lives.
Our legal and advocacy experts will be LIVE on PopSugar News tomorrow at 12 pm ET answering your questions about the future of reproductive rights—and how YOU can get involved! What questions do you want us to answer? Tell us in the comments:
The principal research scientist of this Guttmacher Institute report says that fewer women are having unintended pregnancies—and therefore fewer abortions—thanks to improved access to contraception.

U.S. Abortion Rate Falls To Lowest Level Since Roe v. Wade

A prison sentence should not be a sentence to give birth against your will.

Incarcerated women face limited abortion access despite court rulings

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspires us to fight on.
"If you're one of the millions who need Planned Parenthood, the party that tells us they're all about protecting life is being awfully cavalier with yours."

What Defunding Planned Parenthood Is Really About

Many of our clients are independent abortion providers. We'll stand with them no matter what.

The abortion providers who will see us through a Trump presidency

Will you join us at the Women's March on Washington next week?

These Are the Women Organizing the Women’s March on Washington