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CIA Posts More Than 12 Million Pages of CREST Records Online
17 January 2017

LANGLEY, VA – The largest collection of declassified CIA records is now accessible online. The documents were previously only available to the public at the National Archives in Maryland. Approximately 930,000 documents, totaling more than 12 million pages, are now available in the CIA’s Electronic Reading Room on...
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CREST: 25-Year Program Archive

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Plaster Cast of CIA Seal

CIA designers developed a rubber mold that they used to produce this plaster cast of the CIA seal with the words “For Exceptional Service” inscribed at the bottom.
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Uniform of #OSS Officer Col. William H. Pietsch, Jr.

Colonel William Pietsch, Jr. began his intelligence career at age 21, as youngest in the Office of Strategic Services’ (OSS) inaugural class of paratroopers. He parachuted into the Nazi-occupied Burgundy region of France in 1944 to help coordinate the activities of resistance forces in advance of the US...
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Watch Judy Woodruff's full PBS NewsHour interview with Director John Brennan.

Watch our full exit interview with CIA Director John Brennan

CIA's Top 10 Stories of 2016
Interested in taking a peek into our X-Files? Want to know more about Hamilton’s spy on the inside? Curious how to make invisible ink? Then you’re in luck.

This year’s most popular stories on cia.gov have a little something for everyone.

From tributes to our unsung heroes who lost their lives in service to their country, to the surprising truth behind who was the...
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Surprising Stories You May Have Missed in 2016

Vietnam, cartography, the Bay of Pigs, UFOs … curious what CIA has to say about these topics? You’re not alone. That’s why we dug deep into our archives to uncover the stories behind some of the most asked about Agency history, and then wrote about what we found as articles throughout this past year.

If you missed any of the articles, don’t...
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Today, NGA and Director Cardillo welcomed Judge William H. Webster, former director of FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to our Virginia headquarters.
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Infrared Lantern Beacon

Modifications by Agency technicians transformed this commercial Coleman lantern into an infrared beacon that could be seen from as far away as 250 feet. Gasoline powered and painted dull black, the beacon emitted a narrow vertical infrared beam as well as some visible light, making it useful for marking air-drop and landing-field...
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Happy New Year from the women & men silently serving around the globe
CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Tobacco Pouch Camera

A miniature 35-mm film camera manufactured in Switzerland is concealed in this modified tobacco pouch. A spring-wound mechanism advances the film between exposures.
US Citizens: interested in using your foreign language skills & cultural experiences to protect the nation?
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Explore Language Positions at the CIA

It all began in 1941 with $150,000 from President Franklin Roosevelt’s emergency fund and a building at 316 F Street in Washington, DC. The rest, as we say, is history. Though it may have sounded like an early start-up venture, it was instead the beginnings of the Open Source Enterprise (OSE), which celebrated its 75th anniversary this year.

From Pearl Harbor to the Digital Age: Open Source Enterprise Celebrates 75th Anniversary

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: US Army Signal Corps “Handie-Talkie”

The range of this BC-611-C radio receiver and transmitter was 1 to 3 miles with its antenna fully extended. In combat, antennas could be shortened to about the span from one’s thumb to the little finger, reducing the range to a more discreet 100-200 feet.
The Intelligence Community ranked #3 in the large agencies category for Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings!

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

Now is the time!
Our Directorate of Operations 2018/2019 #internship program is now open!

DO Intern

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Al-Qa’ida Gas Mask

One of many gas masks found in an al-Qa’ida safe house in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in December 2001.
To make his point, he employs 'a little bit of a Tim Geithner-ism'

CIA deputy’s management mantra: ‘No jerks, no whiners, no peacocks’

Journalist and future #OSS and CIA officer Betty McIntosh’s account of the attack on #PearlHarbor

On Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor, she was working as a reporter for the Hono­lulu Star-Bulletin. After a week of war, she wrote a story directed at Hawaii’s women; she thought it would be useful for them to know what she had seen. It might help prepare them for...
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Honolulu after Pearl Harbor: A report published for the first time, 71 years later

Between the Revolutionary War and World War II, the United States lacked an established, professional,centralized intelligence organization. Up until WWII, the country didn’t see the need for it. On December 7, 1941, the need for a centralized intelligence organization was clearly demonstrated when waves of Japanese aircraft swept from a clear sky to bomb U.S. Navy ships and Army installations...
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Intelligence Throughout History: The Impact of Pearl Harbor — Central Intelligence Agency

CIA Employee Group Receives Award for Promoting #LGBT Issues

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates announced today that the CIA’s Agency Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Officers and Allies (ANGLE) is the recipient of the first ever “Excellence in Government Leadership Award.” The award recognizes ANGLE for its efforts in promoting an inclusive environment for LGBT officers and...
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ANGLE of Ascent

Documentary highlighting the key role CIA leaders have played in building inclusive environments. The video focuses on the cultural shift that occurred withi...