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To make his point, he employs 'a little bit of a Tim Geithner-ism'

CIA deputy’s management mantra: ‘No jerks, no whiners, no peacocks’

Journalist and future #OSS and CIA officer Betty McIntosh’s account of the attack on #PearlHarbor

On Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor, she was working as a reporter for the Hono­lulu Star-Bulletin. After a week of war, she wrote a story directed at Hawaii’s women; she thought it would be useful for them to know what she had seen. It might help prepare them for...
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Honolulu after Pearl Harbor: A report published for the first time, 71 years later

Between the Revolutionary War and World War II, the United States lacked an established, professional,centralized intelligence organization. Up until WWII, the country didn’t see the need for it. On December 7, 1941, the need for a centralized intelligence organization was clearly demonstrated when waves of Japanese aircraft swept from a clear sky to bomb U.S. Navy ships and Army installations...
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Intelligence Throughout History: The Impact of Pearl Harbor — Central Intelligence Agency

CIA Employee Group Receives Award for Promoting #LGBT Issues

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates announced today that the CIA’s Agency Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Officers and Allies (ANGLE) is the recipient of the first ever “Excellence in Government Leadership Award.” The award recognizes ANGLE for its efforts in promoting an inclusive environment for LGBT officers and...
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ANGLE of Ascent

Documentary highlighting the key role CIA leaders have played in building inclusive environments. The video focuses on the cultural shift that occurred withi...

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Special Operations Forces Laser Marker (SOFLAM)

US Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan used the AN/PEQ-1A SOFLAM to direct exact delivery of ordnance. The SOFLAM was an important tool in the battle for Tora Bora, where a CIA‑US Special Forces team directed 72 hours of unrelenting air strikes—sometimes dangerously close to their own position—killing...
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See the National Geographic article on our recent release of maps and artifacts in celebration of the Cartography Center’s 75th anniversary:

See the Historic Maps Declassified by the CIA

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

Introduced in 1941, this knife is named after its two British designers, Captains W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes. While serving with the Shanghai Police, they gained experience in close-combat fighting. Fairbairn and Sykes designed the weapon for striking at vulnerable parts of an opponent’s body, especially the vital...
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Action. Responsibility. Leadership. These are words Johnny Micheal “Mike” Spann used to describe himself in his application to the CIA.

He took these traits with him when he deployed in the fall of 2001 to Afghanistan as part of the government’s response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

Mike was conducting initial interviews of extremists held in Qali-Jangi fortress at Mazar-e...
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Remembering CIA’s Heroes: Johnny Micheal Spann

Leslianne Shedd—a young, courageous, highly successful CIA operations officer serving in East Africa—was a passenger on an Ethiopian Airlines flight when it was hijacked and then crashed into the Indian Ocean on November 23, 1996, killing 125 people, including Leslianne. Survivors said that Leslianne spent her final moments comforting those around her.

Remembering CIA’s Heroes: Leslianne Shedd

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Bible Used in a Memorial Service Honoring Mike Spann

Mike Spann of CIA's ALPHA Team was killed on 25 November 2001 while fighting in an uprising at Qali-Jangi prison in Mazar-e-Sharif. He was the first American to be killed by the enemy in Afghanistan following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This bible was used during his memorial service in Afghanistan.
“The greatest thing [John] did was to give all he had, not just to his job, but to all those around him.” –DCI Tenet

Early in his career as an analyst, John Celli’s superiors tagged him as a leader with exceptional interpersonal skills. During his four years at the Central Intelligence Agency, he did not disappoint. On November 17, 1996, John died in a traffic accident while overseas on a...
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Remembering CIA's Heroes: John Gregory Anthony Celli, III

During World War II, the U.S. Marine Corps used one of the thousands of languages spoken in the world to create an unbreakable code: Navajo.

World War II, however, wasn’t the first time a Native American language was used to create a code.

During World War I, the Choctaw language was used in the transmission of secret tactical messages. It was instrumental in a successful surprise attack...
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Navajo Code Talkers and the Unbreakable Code

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Plate from Hitler’s Chancellery

While serving with the #OSS in post-#WWII Germany, Richard Helms slipped into the Russian-occupied zone of Berlin in the fall of 1945 and picked up this plate from Hitler’s Chancellery as a souvenir.
“A map should be aesthetically pleasing, thought-provoking, and communicative.”

~ Arthur H. Robinson, Founder of today’s Cartography Center

The Mapmaker’s Craft: A History of Cartography at CIA

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: China-Burma-India Theater Patch

Personnel, including OSS officers, in the China-Burma-India Theater wore this patch on their left sleeves. The star on the left represents a traditional Chinese rendering of the sun. The star on the right is the “star of India.” The red, white, and blue colors of the US complement these symbols.

David Lee Konzelman was a bright, confident, and engaging young CIA officer working in one of the most complicated and dangerous areas in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. He died on October 24, 1971, from injuries suffered several weeks earlier, when a phosphorus grenade exploded in his hand. He is one of the original 31 stars on the CIA Memorial Wall.

Remembering CIA’s Heroes: David Lee Konzelman

Read about Virginia Hall, a U.S. citizen who collected critical intelligence against Germany in France during WWII as the first British female agent inserted into France, codenamed Germaine

Faces of Defense Intelligence: Virginia Hall - The “Limping Lady”

CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Glomar Explorer Crew Patch

Crew members aboard the Glomar Explorer wore this patch, with the Summa Corporation cover provider clearly identified, on their uniforms.