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From sleeping on night buses and struggling to get by each day, to finishing her degree and getting her first job. The right support changes lives.
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In these freezing temperatures, young people will be even more desperate to avoid the streets. You can help. [ Centrepoint.org.uk Link ]
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Thousands of young people are facing night after night with nowhere to go. The reasons are many and varied - some homes are too crowded, some are fleeing violence and anger, some are forced out by families who don't want them. With nowhere to turn, many end up sleeping on night buses, on strangers sofas, on park benches.
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Meet Kumba - she's an aspiring journalist and a Centrepoint young person, and an amazing example of what young people are capable of if they're given the right support.

'Homelessness does not mean the end of your dreams.'

'Being homeless means you have more reason to fight for success'

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One night Daniel's father flew into a rage and started beating him. Injured and scared, he knew he couldn't stay.

Daniel's story

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The Ultimate Pub Quiz

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Centrepoint helps more than 9,000 homeless young people every year. With our support, they achieved amazing things:

Tori's story

Young people are taking desperate measures to escape the freezing streets this Winter. [ Centrepoint.org.uk Link ]
Please support our #HomelessHelpline campaign so we can offer support to thousands more homeless young people: [ Centrepoint.org.uk Link ]
Freezing temperatures, flooding and 'thunder snow' predicted in parts of the UK tonight. No fun if you're trying to make your way home in it - much worse if you have no home to go to.

If you can, please help us get more homeless young people off the streets, out of the cold and into a warm, safe room. [ Centrepoint.org.uk Link ]
The Duke of Cambridge began the New Year with a visit to a Centrepoint hostel to chat about the challenges of getting into work, and take a brief turn as David Beckham.

Prince William, who has been Centrepoint’s Patron for more than ten years, joined a group of homeless young people for a session on interview skills at one of our hostels in London.

The session included a quick game of ‘guess...
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"It's all about grime now right? Im learning all about grime!" Prince William discusses music with one of our volunteer mentors, who works with young people who want to break into the music industry.
Prince William dropped in on one of our services this afternoon to speak to young people and join in on one of our employment workshops. He even joined in a quick game of Guess Who!

The group chatted about how tough interviews can be. The duke said: "they're always daunting, that doesn't go away, but with the right support you can get through them."

The young people told The Duke about how...
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This is Anna, a photographer and Centrepoint young person who will be meeting our Patron Prince William when he visits our hostel this afternoon. She's taking some warm up shots, as she's hoping to get a picture of HRH later!
Our Patron, HRH The Duke of Cambridge will be visiting a Centrepoint hostel today, to speak with Centrepoint young people and hear about our work on the #HomelessHelpline. Prince William has been our Patron for more than ten years, and is passionate about supporting homeless young people. He often visits our hostels to speak to our young people about the challenges they face, the journey they...
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Zero hour contracts make it harder for young people to escape homelessness. Young people who are desperate to get work experience and are trying to get back on their feet after having been homeless are effectively being penalised for “doing the right thing” and getting a job.

How zero-hours contracts are 'trapping young people in homelessness'

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Laughing Point

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Have you heard about our DIY Sleep Outs? Find out more and sign up here: [ Centrepoint.org.uk Link ]

Get your friends and sleep out to help the homeless, says Sara

No one should be forced to sleep rough - especially in the extremely dangerous freezing temperatures this weekend. Please sponsor a room to get a homeless young person into a warm, safe place.

[ Centrepoint.org.uk Link ]