Sis, If you didn't know how the HIGHLIGHT was invented, Girl get into this...
CentricTV celebrates the start of #WomensHistoryMonth with A MOMENT IN BLACK GIRL HISTORY... Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama we see you. We miss you. We love you.
Hey Ladies...We're marching!
Hey girl, so picture this: You've been dating a great guy for a while, but he later admits that you're the first woman he's been with in a while, as his most recent love interests have been men...What would you do? Ask Auntie
Yes it's the thought that counts. But sometimes it ain't thought through...

What If You Don't Like A Gift You Got For The Holiday?
What's your favorite R&B Christmas album?

17 R&B Christmas Albums You Must Own
The gift-giving keeps going! PART II of CentricTV's GROWN ASS WOMEN'S GIFT GUIDE continues with Genese Jamilah of I Don't Do Clubsโ€‹, Cashay Chanel and #JessHilarious