Centric Single Ladies
Centric Single Ladies
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Who's ready for Basketball Wives?! We caught up with Tami Roman!
Jackie Cañada
Ladies (and gents) say hell no to pay day loans!
Are your travel plans LIT, but your coins ain't LEGIT? Get into this new episode of CentricTV's FAB FINANCE with Tonya Rapley
Mohrenweiser Michael Wienand Franz
Sis, If you didn't know how the HIGHLIGHT was invented, Girl get into this...
CentricTV celebrates the start of #WomensHistoryMonth with A MOMENT IN BLACK GIRL HISTORY... Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama we see you. We miss you. We love you.
After 7
Mohrenweiser Michael Wienand Franz
Hey Ladies...We're marching!
Ewenla Baba
Alisha Crutchfield
Judy Page
Hey girl, so picture this: You've been dating a great guy for a while, but he later admits that you're the first woman he's been with in a while, as his most recent love interests have been men...What would you do? Ask Auntie
Margaret A Clark
Debra Craig
Portia Gibson
Yes it's the thought that counts. But sometimes it ain't thought through...
Yes it's the thought that counts But sometimes it ain't thought through

What If You Don't Like A Gift You Got For The Holiday?

Lorinda Blue McAdoo
What's your favorite R&B Christmas album?
Whats your favorite RB Christmas album

17 R&B Christmas Albums You Must Own

Fasoranti Olajide Muyiwa
Cathy Dunbar-Chappell
Yolinda Tucker
Carla McMillon Richards
Kijonnae McClay
Kim Thames
Ivy Ashley
Angela Rocque
Kia Smith
Marie Lord
Chinet Murray
Edith Gulley-Smith
Nicole Martinez
The gift-giving keeps going! PART II of CentricTV's GROWN ASS WOMEN'S GIFT GUIDE continues with Genese Jamilah of I Don't Do Clubs​, Cashay Chanel and #JessHilarious
Toya Taylor
Aleiya Hill
Donna Nash