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Swap out unhealthy snacks and try our baked sweet potato chips! #LoveSummerAt100%
Where did the road take you these holidays to #LoveSummerAt100%? Post your holiday selfies in the comments!
Smoothie bowls are the latest smoothie trend! Boost yours by topping up with anti-oxidant rich ingredients! #LoveSummerAt100%
Centrum will be there every step of the way to help fill nutritional gaps, so you have the vitamins and minerals that support sustained energy and good health, to help you to achieve all of your New Year’s goals. Share your New Year’s goals and inspiration with us!
Centrum wishes you and your families’ happy, healthy holidays this Summer! #LoveSummerAt100%
It’s #CrosswordDay around the world! Can you figure ours out?

1. Substances found in foods that help to prevent cell damage
2. Source of iron

1. Found in citrus fruits & is important for support of your immune system
2. Helps keep you fuller for longer, and these foods are generally rich in vitamins and minerals
3. Mineral found in nuts important for maintaining muscle function...
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Here is a simple yet superb festive gift idea for those special ladies in your life! Treat them with this stunning homemade body butter that isn’t just perfect for your skin but also a great cream to use for shaving – just in time to #LoveSummerAt100%
About two portions of fatty fish are recommended per week to ensure you get enough Omega 3 to support your brain, eye and heart health!

Does your diet provide this? Try our MyNutrients Omega 3 to supplement your Omega 3 intake.
Tomatoes and Broccoli both pack an anti-oxidant punch – but to get the most out of them you have to cook them in opposite ways! Find out more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A rainy day is no reason not to #LoveSummerAt100%! How about a fun family photo shoot to pass the time ‘till the sun shines? Share your snaps with us!
Making lists for your holiday packing? Don’t forget plastic zip bags to protect your phone from the beach sand and water! #LoveSummerAt100%
We’ve zoomed in on some of SA’s top places to #LoveSummerAt100%! Can you guess where they are?
There’s a variant of Centrum multivitamins for every member of the family! Find out which are best for your family here [ Bit.ly Link ] and #LoveSummerAt100%!
This universal #ChildrensDay we celebrate the little things in our little ones, and those less fortunate. Love is free, spread it around like confetti!
The nights are warming up - time for some outdoor fun in the evening hours! #LoveSummerAt100% with this crafty way to add some WOW factor to your next night out.
Can’t find the time to exercise? Add these small behaviours into your day to fit in some fitness and #LoveSummerAt100% : [ Bit.ly Link ]
Show us how you #LoveSummerAt100% by posting your feet pics to Centrum South Africa! Where will you #FindYourFeet?
The heat is on and it's time to #LoveSummerAt100% with Centrum! How will you celebrate the summer fun this season? Follow us for tips!
Centrum multivitamins are scientifically formulated to help support multiple health benefits including energy, healthy skin and good health! Remember to take one a day and ensure you eat the fruits and veggies and you need to #LoveSummerAt100%