Feeling the heat?
Remember to keep cool and stay hydrated.
Check in on your mates, pets and those in need of extra assistance.
It's the last week of the school holidays and we urge all Victorians to be safe on the roads, in the water and attuned to fire, particularly on Australia Day and into the weekend.
Today's Fire Danger Rating is VERY HIGH in Mallee, Northern Country, North Central and North East and HIGH across the rest of the state. We're at the State Control Centre and monitoring this page. Stay tuned for updates:
The delicious Bunnings snag will be worth its weight in gold next Saturday 28 January, with the annual Bunnings Aussie Day Weekend Fundraiser BBQ raising invaluable funds for Victoriaโ€™s volunteer emergency services. #SupportWithASnag
There are no words to express how saddened we are by yesterday's tragic events in Melbourne.
Our thoughts are with the families of those passed, those injured and those who witnessed the incident.
We're also thinking of the first responders from MFB (Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade), Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria at this time.
On hot, dry, windy days, fires can start and spread quickly. Plan to leave early this summer - the reasons why are black and white.

Leaving - Country Fire Authority

Today marks 20 years since fierce flames destroyed 41 homes, killed three people and ripped through more than 400 hectares of bushland covering much of the Dandenong Ranges.

For three days from 19 to 21 January, 1997, hundreds of CFA firefighters from across Victoria converged to help fight the deliberately-lit fires that reaped so much havoc in the area.

Read More: [ Vic.gov.au Link ]
Incident Location: ECHUCA RD, MOOROOPNA

There is a hazardous liquid spill in the Craigmuir Lakes Area.
Anyone located in Lake View Place, east of Craigmuir Lakes Drive and the eastern end of Kalimna Drive should move indoors. Close all exterior doors, windows and vents and turn off heating and cooling systems.

More details at [ Vic.gov.au Link ]
Bree Nesbit from Point Cook CFA knocks MFB out of the park at last nights baseball!
Portable decorative ethanol burners have been banned from sale in Victoria, with recent serious injuries reported throughout Australia raising concerns about their safety.

Victorians who have banned ethanol-fuelled burners in their home are being advised to cease their use immediately.
10 years ago CFA were fighting one of the biggest urban fire fights we had ever seen.

11 brigades, 21 trucks and 120 personnel fought to bring the enormous Dandenong South fire under control.
This summer, if you wait until a fire starts before leaving, you're putting yourself at serious risk. Find out why you should leave early - the reasons why are black and white.

Leaving - Country Fire Authority


This photo taken by our Air Attack Supervisor at the Minimay grassfire shows how close the fire came to homes.

There is still a current advice message but there is no threat to communities, you should continue to stay informed and monitor conditions.

Fire crews from CFA, Forest Fire Management Victoria and SA Country Fire Service will be on scene patrolling overnight.

[ Vic.gov.au...
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Minimay-Frances Road, MINIMAY, BOOROOPKI

Weather conditions have changed with strong winds and the fire has broken containment lines.

There is a grassfire at Neuarpurr-Minimay Road, Minimay that is not yet under control

This grassfire is travelling in a easterly direction and has crossed the Minimay-Frances Road.

Don't wait, leaving now is the safest option -...
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Meet Eain McRae - our State Aircraft Coordinator at the State Control Centre today!

He has his eyes on all of Victoriaโ€™s tactical aircraft fleet, ready to deploy when needed to protect the state from bushfires.

โ€œWhere requested we dispatch aircraft to support incidents. Itโ€™s great to be able to do our bit.โ€

When he is not in the SCC, Eain works at the CFA as a Vegetation Management...
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Great work by ground crews and aerial attack to quickly bring the Minimay-Frances Road fire under control.

Firebird 301, Bomber 350 and Bomber 351 were deployed as part of the response from the Casterton air base.

An Advice message is now in place, with no threat to community: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Meet Josh Gamble - one of the many faces working in the State Control Centre today!

"Today I'm working as both the SCC Media Spokesperson and the Victoria State Emergency Service State Duty Officer (SDO)."

"Iโ€™ve been a CFA volunteer at the Kyneton Fire Brigade (CFA) since 2001 and have been the Captain for the last four years."

Watch & Act warning for Minimay in the far west of Victoria.

There is a grassfire at Minimay-Frances Road, Minimay in the far west of the state that is not yet under control.

This grassfire is travelling in a south-easterly direction.

[ Vic.gov.au Link ]
Victoria's two Large Air Tankers (LATs) RJ and Hercules will take to the skies as needed and are part of the 56 aircraft supporting firefighters and community today. Find out more [ Bit.ly Link ]
A fire in the Riddells Creek area yesterday highlighted the fire risk of using machinery on hot days. This fire started after a slasher struck a rock. For information on requirements on Total Fire Ban days and during the Fire Danger Period see [ Vic.gov.au Link ]