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Print your very own 2017 Chandra calendar! Details here: [ Chandra.si.edu Link ]
The Chandra X-ray Observatory is an X-ray telescope. The Submillimeter Array is a series of radio dishes atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii? What's one connection? Besides being tools to explore the Universe, they are both run by scientists at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory based in Cambridge, Mass. And this week, their capabilities were combined to create a new portrait of the stellar...
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Read how Eileen Collins helped inspire the next generation of women in STEM.
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This pioneering astronaut blazed a trail for women engineers to follow

Happy Birthday, Marie Curie! Her work in X-rays and other types of light were so important that she was awarded not one, but *two* Nobel prizes. Maybe a future astronomical mission (studying X-rays?) will one day bear your name.
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BBC - History - Marie Curie

We have an activity up on #HourOfCode! Sign up your class at [ Hourofcode.com Link ] to get ready for Dec 5-11. More [ Chandra.si.edu Link ]

The Hour of Code is coming

The word "archive" might invoke thoughts of dusty, crumbling papers and ancient artifacts. That might be true of some, but the Chandra Data Archive is a sophisticated, digital system that houses the observations of this amazing X-ray telescope. A new collection of images that include data from Chandra's archive has just been released to celebrate American Archives Month. Take a look!
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Proxima Centauri is a star just a stone's throw away in astronomical terms -- a bit over 4 light years from Earth. Astronomers are learning more about this stellar neighbor using a host of telescopes including Chandra. Here's the latest: [ Chandra.si.edu Link ]

Chandra Press Room :: Proxima Centauri Might Be More Sunlike Than We Thought :: 11 October 16

Great story on Chandra and how it connects Cambridge to Pluto -- one X-ray photon at a time.
[ News.wgbh.org Link ]

How Cambridge Scientists Discovered X-Rays on Pluto (And 50,000 Other Things in Space)

Most neutron stars spin around once every 10 seconds or so. The one at the center of the RCW 103 supernova rotates once every 6.5 hours, making it the slowest spinning neutron star we know about. Find about more about this unusual object in our latest release.
[ Chandra.si.edu Link ]

Chandra :: Photo Album :: RCW 103 :: September 8, 2016

The most distant galaxy cluster has been found using Chandra and other telescopes! This object also shows some unusual behavior and may represent a short-lived, but important phase of galaxy cluster evolution.
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Chandra Press Room :: Record-breaking Galaxy Cluster Discovered :: 30 August 16

To make the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, why not combine it with your favorite X-ray telescope? This video comes from shortly after Chandra's launch and features none other than Nichelle Nicols, the original Uhuru, of course, as the narrator. Enjoy!
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High Energy Vision: The Chandra X-ray Observatory

It has been only forty years since humanity has known the existence of the strange and dynamic x-ray universe, an invisible universe of million degree gas, i...

ICYMI, the Wall Street Journal now does excellent short videos on various news topics. This includes a recent video on Chandra's discovery of the most distant galaxy cluster. Take a look!
[ Wsj.com Link ]

NASA Discovers Record-Breaking Galaxy Cluster

Do you know what a "historical supernova" is? Find out with our latest image release: [ Chandra.si.edu Link ]
Once again we are in awe of how fast some humans can go.
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These Olympics demonstrate the epitome of speed -- in the pool, across the floor, and so many more places.
Do you remember Hanny's Voorwerp, the unusual object discovered by a Dutch school teacher as part of the Galaxy Zoo citizen science project? Professional astronomers have turned their attention to this object too. Find out what Chandra has learned about it and the supermassive black hole that lies nearby.
[ Chandra.si.edu Link ]

Chandra :: Photo Album :: IC 2497 :: August 10, 2016

Find out more about bow waves created by Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and other swimmers in our "Here, There, and Everywhere" project.
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Here. There. Everywhere.

Congratulations to the US women's gymnastics team for a truly impressive performance and winning the gold medal1
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