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"Bears kept in the Bandung Zoo are so hungry they eat their own feces. One of the zooโ€™s giraffes suddenly died and was found to have 40 pounds of plastic trash in its stomach."

Over 400,000 users are asking that Indonesia's Bandung Zoo be shut down after reports of animal cruelty have surfaced. Click here to sign: [ Link ]

President Widodo, Shut down the Bandung Zoo now!
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The Inaugural ceremonies are over and governing begins. Tell President Trump what he needs to do in his first 100 Days: [ Link ]
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The announcement last week that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will be closing after 146 years in the business came as a shock to many, but animal rights advocates have been fighting for years to end what they see as the cruel use of animals for entertainment. Read more: [ Link ]

The End of Ringling Bros is a Victory for Animal Protection Advocates
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If it's Sunday, that means it's NFL game time. Fans of the Oakland Raiders are petitioning the NFL not to relocate the team to Las Vegas. Check out their petition here: [ Link ]

NFL: Don't move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas
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Marches in DC and across the country are voicing their concerns about the Trump presidency. Where do you stand? Click here to see what others are standing for and to add your voice:
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In just a few minutes Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. What do you hope to see in the first 100 days of the new administration? Let President Trump know: [ Link ]
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Today President Obama granted clemency to 330 nonviolent drug offenders serving long or even life prison sentences under outdated laws. Over the last two years clemency has become on of the most popular issues on with over two million signatures on 174 petitions. At least twenty clemency recipients have had petitions on the site, read more about their stories here: [ Link ]

President Obama Grants 330 Commutations
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Last month, United Airlines announced that it would start charging travelers for overhead bins. Do you want United to drop the plan? Sign and share to join 170,000 consumers in demanding an end to this policy proposal!
[ Link ]

United Airlines: Don't Force Travelers To Pay For Overhead Bins
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Over 100,000 users are hoping the outcome of this confirmation hearing ends with the United States Senate denying Scott Pruitt the position of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lead. Click here to read why: [ Link ]
Happy MLK Day! In 1963, Birmingham, Alabama was the epicenter of the American Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his movement of activists gathered there to demand equality for all people. Just last week, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and over 12,000 supporters celebrated a victory after establishing a civil rights national monument in this important city. [...
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VICTORY! Civil Right History is Honored in National Park
"Again, again!" - Baby Sinclair

This campaign is gaining traction on our site with one goal: bring the dinosaurs BACK. [ Link ]

There's a petition to get ABC to reboot "Dinosaurs," and this is something we can get behind
Hidden Figures, a movie about black female mathematicians continues to beat out Star Wars as the #1 movie in America. The biopic about the groundbreaking work of three black women at NASA is especially relevant as women and minorities make up fewer than 1 in 10 employed scientists and engineers.

Demoiselle 2 Femme, NFP is asking that we do more than just watch this movie, but support the...
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Support Funding to Increase STEM Opportunities for Girls of Color
After she was sexually assaulted by another student Mahroh didn't know that Title IX provided survivors with the civil right to access the resources they need to stay in school. Now her and other survivors are asking Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos to commit to making sure these protections stay in place for all students. [ Link ] Join them here: [ Link ]


End Rape on Campus and Know Your IX are partnering to demand that Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos publicly declare her commitment to protecting and enforcing Title IX at her confirmation hearing. Join us. Post or tweet why Title IX is important to you using the hashtag #DearBetsy. endrape...

Got "milk"? With sales of plant-based milks soaring the dairy industry thinks using the term "milk" for these products could be misleading consumers. But Compassion Over Killing is pushing back and reminding people where milk really comes from by demanding that the word "cow" be added to your favorite dairy products. [ Link ]

Big Dairy: Got Confusion? Call it "Cow Milk"
As the first week of confirmation hearings for Trump's top cabinet picks wraps up, Americans are coming to to voice who they do and don't want in the next administration. Click here to see what people are saying and add your voice: [ Link ]

Trump's Cabinet Picks
Since 2008, the Sisters of the Fraternite Notre Dame have operated a small soup kitchen serving countless San Franciscans in need. But their effort was in risk of being stopped due to a rent increase and pending approval from the SF Planning Commission. After nearly 20,000 people signed their petition the sisters prayers have been answered. Read more on our blog: [ Link ]

VICTORY! San Francisco just approved a soup kitchen founded by a group of nuns.
All Ron Finley wanted was healthy food for himself, his family and neighbors in South Central Los Angeles. In 2010 he decided to make this a reality by turning a city-owned strip of land in front of his property into a food oasis. After fines, citations and a warrant for his arrest Ron is still fighting for community access to healthy food. [ Link ]

LA's Gangsta Gardener
After yesterday's confirmation hearing with Trump appointee for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, over 50,000 people are signing a petition to stop him from taking office. The petition cites his connection to the oil industry and Russia as reasons he is not qualified for the position. [ Link ]

U.S. Senate: Stop Rex Tillerson from becoming Secretary of State
A year ago, Jacob lost his battle with depression and died by suicide. Now his mother is calling for passage of new laws in Arizona that will address teen suicide rates. View her petition here: [ Link ]

Doug Ducey: Help Reduce Teen Suicide Rates
We've delivered the Take Our Nuclear Missiles Off Hair Trigger Alert petition to President Barack Obama. THANK YOU to all who signed and to all who shared. We delivered it electronically, and because of that, there is still time to sign: We're just shy of 100k signatures.

If you'd like to stay current on progress we're making reducing and eventually eliminating...
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