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Here are our #VBirthdayPicks for the perfect Rihanna playlist. Watch these songs, only on #ChannelVIndia! #HappyBirthdayRihanna
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The version sung by Alia Bhatt garnered the most popularity! Tell us which version is your favourite. #TrackAttack
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It’s the battle of the rappers! Like for JAY Z, Love for #SnoopDogg! #VBattle
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Treat yourself to #VNonStop, everyday at 8 AM & 5 PM. 'Cause good music deserves no breaks! #ChannelVIndia
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It's The Weeknd's birthday! Catch the starboy's songs on #ChannelVIndia today. #VBirthdayPicks #HappyBirthdayTheWeeknd
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What you imagine your day to be, when you see a good-looking girl in the club! #ChannelVIndia
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Love is, going the distance for your significant other! Have you guys ever done this? #HappyValentinesDay #ChannelVIndia
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Who said love songs are emotional! These are our top picks for the most happening love songs! Catch them on #SongsVLove, all day long today, only on #ChannelVIndia
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It's time to elope into love-land with #ChannelVIndia, Amit Sadh & Taapsee Pannu! Watch #SongsVLove, all day, on February 14! Running Shaadi
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Just being #PerfectStrangers! Tag your Valentine, and make them smile a little more!
Catch #SongsVLove, tomorrow, all day long!
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Nothing conveys emotions better than music! These are our picks for the D-Day! Do you have any other favourites?
Catch these hit love songs, on #SongsVLove on 14th February, only on #ChannelVIndia!
No one conveys love better than Arijit Singh! Agree? Here are our favourite romantic Arijit Singh songs, for this Valentine's Day!

Watch the hottest romantic tracks, on #SongsVLove, on 14th February! #ChannelVIndia
Watch the hits that took #Grammys2017 by storm, on #ChannelVIndia! And don't forget to tell us your predictions! #VGrammyHits
This Valentine's Day, celebrate love with #ChannelVIndia! Watch the most sensational hits, on 14th February on #SongsVLove!
'Cause we're Beliebers! Bringing to you, the top love songs of Justin Bieber, this Valentine's Day. Tune into #ChannelVIndia to enjoy #SongsVLove
How can we not mention Taylor Swift when we talk about romantic songs!
This Valentine's Day, these are the #SongsVLove! What are yours?

Catch Taylor Swift's songs, only on #ChannelVIndia!
This Valentine's Day, #ChannelVIndia brings to you, our favourite romantic songs!
The heart-throb Armaan Malik, is the first one on our list. Here are the #SongsVLove! Tell us which ones are your favorites!
Catch these hits of Armaan Malik on #ChannelVIndia!
It's time to elope into love-land with #ChannelVIndia, Amit Sadh & Taapsee Pannu! Watch #SongsVLove, all day, on February 14!
That killer smile! #ChannelVIndia
Here's the love story of Shashi, the spirit! Watch #PhillauriTrailer here.

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