Chapman's Ice Cream
03/21/2017 at 15:45. Facebook
Alright, everyone! We have a handful of #free 2017 calendars left. To help clear them out, we've increased the order limit to 5 calendars per household! If you've already ordered, but would like extra copies for other rooms in your house, or to give to a friend or family member, now's your chance! [ Link ]
Chapman's Ice Cream
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Happy #FirstDayofSpring, Canada!
Chapman's Ice Cream
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Looking for a delicious St. Patrick's day dessert option the whole family will love? Our Original mint chip ice cream should do the trick! As an added bonus, it's peanut-nut and gluten free - enjoy! [ Link ]
Chapman's Ice Cream
03/16/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
#TBT Newspaper article announcing David and Penny Chapman's purchase of the Markdale Creamery #icecream [ Link ]
What have you and your family been up to this March Break? Have fun & get creative with your dessert tonight. Send us your photos!
With cold temperatures in the forecast, many of us may choose to enjoy our ice cream indoors this weekend. If you're brave enough to eat your Chapman's outside, send us your photos! Have a great weekend, Canada!
We're celebrating #InternationalWomensDay with our President, Penny Chapman. Penny's dedication and leadership has been instrumental in making Chapman's the great Canadian company it is today. Thank you, Penny! #icecream #CanadianCompany #IWD2017
We're half way to the weekend! Celebrate by digging in to some of our #premium ice cream, made with 100% #CanadianDairy #LoveYourFood
Sneaking in a workout this weekend? Add some of our Vanilla Frozen Yogurt to your post workout shake for a delicious and creamy boost! #frozenyogurt #ChapmansIceCream [ Link ]
It's #PancakeDay! What Chapman's flavour will you be putting on top of your pancakes this morning? #PancakeTuesday #icecream #CanadianMade
For #NationalStrawberryDay weโ€™re making milkshakes with our Original Neapolitan ice cream! What flavour will you choose for yours? #peanutfree #glutenfree #CanadianMilk [ Link ]
Who gets the most scoops in your household? #ChapmansIceCream #peanutfree #glutenfree [ Link ]
Some things stand the test of time. Thatโ€™s why the recipe for our Original #icecream hasnโ€™t changed since 1973. [ Link ]
Why not have a little family fun in the kitchen and whip up a delicious breakfast, with a twist! After all, it's #ChocolateMintDay. What better excuse is there to have ice cream with your breakfast?

A delicious recipe the whole family will love.
Whether you're headed to the cottage this #FamilyDay long weekend or staying home, donโ€™t forget to pick up the essentials (aka #icecream).
It's #FlagDay. Fly them proudly, Canada. #Canada150 #Canadianflag
New for 2017 product taste testing, part 2. Who's up for the challenge? #icecream #CanadianMilk #innovation
Give the perfect gift to that special someone this Valentine's Day, and melt their heart, not their #icecream #Valentines
Make the most of me-time. Treat yourself this weekend, you deserve it. #icecream #Neapolitan [ Link ]