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Translating God is a new, best selling book by Shawn Bolz! This book makes hearing God's voice accessible for everyone through a love based approach to prophecy.

Translating God Book – Shawn Bolz
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Countless Christians indulge in this fleshly attitude without realizing its devastating consequences. [ Link ]

Follow the Prophet Jeremiah's Response to This Deadly Sin
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The greatest leaders talk often about the people who helped them grow spiritually.

10 Qualities of Healthy Mentors
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This is why you and I wrestle so much with insecurity in our lives.

Learning to Hear Father's Voice Tell You Who You Really Are
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I'll never forget an extremely powerful and disturbing experience I had when praying in a church many years ago.

Is This Satan's Next Back Door Into the Church?
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In 1967, the Holy Spirit began an amazing work in the lives of women that continues to this day, now with men as well. Join thousands from around the world as we gather to celebrate Aglow International's Jubilee anniversary.

Celebrate with Us!
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These truths can radically change the way you react to stressful situations. [ Link ]

Spiritual Helps for When You Feel Totally Out of Control
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The only thing this courageous man of God apologized for was not rising up sooner.

What a German Submarine Captain Can Teach Us About Standing Against Demonic Tyranny
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These tips can make a huge difference in the quality of your marriage and intimacy.

A Surefire Tactic to Win the War of Love in Your Home
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Legend has it that Ponce de Leon discovered Florida while on a quest to find "the Fountain of Youth." Sadly, he didn't know these truths.

Scripture's Little-Known Secrets to a Long, Healthy Life
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This sort of ungodly behavior gives charismatic Christians a bad name and can ruin our witness.

Dangerous Warning Signs of a Soulish 'Prayer Warrior'
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God showed this widow beautiful insights during her first year alone. [ Link ]

Unforgettable Lessons on Healing From Heart-Scarring Loss
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“Say ‘yes’ to God and you’ll never live another ordinary day again.” James Robison shares his personal story of surrender to God-given destiny in #LivingAmazedBook. Releases today!

Living Amazed by James Robison
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Debts are cancelled, money comes, body parts are provided, tumors disappear—anything can and will happen in the realm of glory.

Prophecy: God Is Ushering His People Into a Season of Supernatural Expansion
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Rick Joyner reveals our constant yearning to reach the heavens for a deeper connection. But no one could imagine something this magnificent.

Supernatural Significance of the Number 4 in Heavenly Worship
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Keep these truths in mind as you lean into Isaiah 54 and "enlarge the place of your tent."

5 Prophetic Lessons to Remember as You Take Your Promised Land
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Through WorldView magazine…

Readers visit the world’s remote corners, meet people living far from the beaten paths, and discover the passion of Jesus Christ to save every one of them.

Subscribe online at and enter promo code CHARISMA to receive a special offer.

WorldView Magazine: Bringing the World Near
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Follow these steps to stay on track with God's calling for your life. #purpose #calling #destiny [ Link ]

Steer Clear of Dangerous Destiny Detours With These 4 Wise Strategies
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Through God's powerful love, you are no longer a slave to fear.

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. Whoever fears is not perfect in love." - 1 John 4:18, MEV #love #fear #powerful #fearless

Discover how the Lord can set you free from the dismay you encounter: [ Link ]