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18-year-old Talin is one of the lucky ones in her community who gets to attend school. She is in the tenth grade and hopes to become a crop expert for the government when she grows up. Talin's school is more than two miles away and she often has to wake up before sunrise every day, hustle to collect water, and make the long walk to class. When you give, you help girls like Talin and other...
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Yayesh is a 19-year-old girl who spends her days collecting water and firewood. She dropped out of school in the fourth grade to take on more responsibiliites at home. Thanks to your support, access to clean water is helping lift the burden for Yayesh and other young girls just like her. #cw30under30
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Over the past month these 4 guys have been walking from Sydney to Brisbane to raise money for clean water. Today they finish their journey and they're so close to their goal. You can help them reach their goal and serve over 500 people with clean water: [ Link ]
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19-year-old Awtash is the youngest of eight children. She had to drop out of school in the first grade to help her mother collect water. Many people in Adi Etot don't get the opportunity to go to school and have to take on adult responsibilities at a very young age. Learn more about life in Adi Etot and find someone like you here: [ Link ] #cw30under30
Yesterday, we had one of the most successful #WorldWaterDay's ever thanks to you. Thousands of you took our quiz, met someone like you, and learned what life looks like without clean water. Because of your support, 18 year olds like Gaewa can now focus on earning an income and sending their kids to school instead of collecting water. We are so incredibly grateful for our amazing community of...
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"It is stories that can get people to think differently. That can challenge them. That can inspire them to action. We are not creatures of statistic and numbers and data. We are creatures of story. We think in stories. We are moved by stories. We remember stories." - Scott Harrison
A behind the scenes look at how our #WorldWaterDay campaign began! Watch our conversation with the The Wall Street Journal today: [ Link ]

Closing the Global Clean Water Gap
There are 407 people living in Adi Etot and each of them has a different story. Brikti is an 18-year-old girl with five brothers and sisters who spends her days studying, reading, and collecting water. This #WorldWaterDay, come take our quiz and see what life without clean water looks like for someone like you: [ Link ]
There are 407 people living in Adi Etot. Come take our quiz to find the person who is most like you: [ Link ]
This #WorldWaterDay, our Content Lead Tyler, sat down with Forbes to talk about our new campaign. Take the quiz, and come see what life without clean water looks like for someone like you: [ Link ]
Live from the Vatican! Our founder Scott Harrison is at the Watershed #mywaterstory Event for #WorldWaterDay:
Today is #WorldWaterDay! Come take our quiz and see what life without clean water looks like for someone like you: [ Link ]
Today is #WorldWaterDay! Come take our quiz and see what life without clean water looks like for someone like you: [ Link ]
We recently sat down with our friends at Fast Company to talk about how we use data to connect our supporters to the people they help serve. Check it out here: [ Link ]

How Charity: Water Uses Data To Connect Donors And The People They’re Helping | Fast Company
Abhru is a 26-year-old mother of three who dreams of a healthier life for her family. She’s one of 407 incredible people that you’ll have the chance to meet on #WorldWaterDay tomorrow. Get ready to see what life without clean water looks like someone just like you. #cw30under30
25-year-old Hibre is a wife and mother of five. In addition to collecting water, she has to find time to do her household duties, help her husband on the farm, take care of her home, and get her kids off to school. It's an endless to-do list for moms like Hibre in Ethiopia. Learn more about what life is like for them and hundreds more in Adi Etot: [ Link ] #cw30under30