Turning lemons into lemonade, the U.S. Department of Agriculture lifted a 15-year-old ban on lemon imports from northwest Argentina last month, resulting in a 2% price drop for U.S. consumers. Not only is this good news for fans of everything tart, it's a step towards trade freedom.

Lemons in America Are About to Get Cheaper

New research on the decline of new business ventures since the Great Recession highlighted several government-imposed barriers to growth, such as occupational licensing. The research, from the public policy team at eBay and the Economic Innovation Group, concludes that not only does licensing limit economic opportunities, it also keeps "people with valuable skills from moving between...
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Where Have All the Startups Gone? New Research from eBay and EIG

On Inauguration Day, our founder Charles Koch speaks on the opportunity for the incoming administration and Congress to improve the lives of all people by moving away from a two-tiered society. By ending corporate welfare, encouraging innovation, embracing criminal justice reform, and fostering toleration, "all Americans can have a brighter future."

The Promise of President Trump: Charles Koch

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Does design impact how we communicate online? Are some platforms more open for discussion? Last week, the Charles Koch Institute, along with the Lincoln Network and Medium, brought together designers and legal experts for a conversation on the unique intersection of free speech and innovation as well as their impacts on civil discourse.

Designing Discourse: How UX and Law Can Promote Free Speech and Debate – Charles Koch Institute

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Our founder, Charles Koch, has supported education for decades. His Foundation’s support of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the Center for Advancing Opportunity stems from this commitment. [ Goo.gl Link ]
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A bot that writes letters appealing parking tickets has helped overturn more than 200,000 tickets in London, New York, and Seattle, and is expanding to even more cities. While no one likes to get stuck with a ticket, the bot's inventor Joshua Browder wants to expand the project beyond parking citations, hoping to "level the playing field so anyone can have the same legal access under the law."

'Robot Lawyer' Makes The Case Against Parking Tickets

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While examining New Orleans's bail system, the Vera Institute of Justice found that the system was spending more than it was collecting when it came to jailing people who couldn't pay bail. In light of this report, the New Orleans City Council has taken steps to end bail requirements for most nonviolent city crimes in an effort to reduce the financial burdens it creates.

New Orleans Scales Back Its Extensive, Expensive Bail System

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Corporate welfare results in government-granted privilege that benefits a few special interests at the expense of taxpayers, especially when it comes to film and stadium subsidies:

"Floridians have enough legitimate demands on their tax dollars, such as education and transportation expenses. It's not our responsibility to ensure that Ben Affleck's new movie is profitable or that sports...
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Column: The case against tax money for stadiums, movies

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While no one knows for sure how increased advances in automation and AI will impact the global workforce, a new study suggests we will be working alongside robots instead of being replaced by them. Referencing past technological advances that required a shift in workers' skill sets, these innovations could lead to increased productivity and economic growth.

Labor Force Needs to Work With Robots, Not Be Replaced by Them, Study Says

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As a part of our support for TMCF, we are partnering with Gallup to understand the barriers to opportunity that communities face.
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The generational gap created by the increase of online social interaction has caused some police departments to begin implementing social skills training for younger deputies, but these classes serve a broader purpose of strengthening relationships between police and their communities.

"You want to develop rapport and you want to develop effective engagement and have the right demeanor."

In Social Media Age, Young Cops Get Trained For Real-Life Conversation

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A new poll has found a growing disconnect between police and their communities, revealing tensions felt by both the public and police officers. These attitudes reveal a need to rebuild trust in police-community relations by encouraging "peace officer" practices such as foot patrols.

“I wish the community had a greater understanding of why the police do what we do, and sometimes we have to...
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Survey reveals disconnect between police and public attitudes

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The increasing development of self-driving technology has led to a new perspective on partnerships between the auto industry and the technology sector, driving the auto industry into a new age of innovation.

"It comes from two directions... You have the old established industry, trying to automate their vehicles, but you also have the tech companies coming in from the left with new, more...
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As Self-Driving Cars Approach, the Auto Industry Races to Rebuild

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In an exclusive interview with the HBCU Digest, president of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Johnny Taylor, and president of the Charles Koch Foundation, Brian Hooks, discuss their shared vision for the opportunities generated by their recent partnership on the Center for Advancing Opportunity.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Koch Foundation Partner for $26 Million Research Initiative

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In his farewell address, President Obama highlighted the need for open inquiry and the willingness to hear both sides of a debate.
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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day from all of us at the Charles Koch Institute.
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Researchers are exploring uses for electronic health records beyond just record-taking efficiency. By putting together a database of health records, medical professionals hope to utilize "big data" and genetic screening to help further personalize an individual's care to find the most effective treatment paths.

Electronic Health Records May Help Customize Medical Treatments

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As a part of our partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, we’re supporting students and scholars.
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Outlining how money flows from residents to government agencies is critical for identifying & building an equitable criminal justice system that is no longer charging for justice. The Charles Koch Foundation is proud to support the Vera Institute's new report that examines the financial burdens of the criminal justice system in New Orleans.

[ Vera.org Link ]
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Our founder, Charles Koch, on how education can transform lives.