Staying motivated is the key as we approach halfway in the #BetterInRed challenge! Thanks to online student Ella for sharing her #BetterInRed journey - you've got $60 worth of CSU active wear coming your way.
Did you know CSU has an Elite Athlete Program and participates in Uni Games? And, both initiatives are supported by SSAF funding! Find out more: [ Link ]
There are loads of clubs and societies you can join at CSU - even a beekeeping club! Clubs and other student groups can apply for SSAF funding to expand their activities. Find out more: [ Link ]
Rain, hail or shine Lauren has been getting the CSU Port Macquarie community together to be active, have fun and meet some new people! Have you joined a #BetterInRed event on campus yet?

Reflections of a Red Runner
The first glass of our new boutique wine vintage has been poured!

Bottling flavours of Wagga Wagga
Constance on the Edge is an unflinchingly honest portrayal of a group of African Australians from refugee backgrounds, attempting, often against the odds to create a home in Wagga Wagga. It reveals their courage and resilience, as they strive to reconstruct their own lives and enrich others along the way.

Doors open at 6pm, with the film to commence at 6.30pm. It will be followed by a Q&A...
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Explorations: Constance on the Edge film screening

Shoutout to our CSU Online students who have joined the #BetterInRed challenge from every corner of the country! Where are you taking part in the challenge? [ Link ]
The case for warming up before intense exercise #BetterInRed

Why should I warm up?
Happy Harmony Day! What does harmony mean to you?
Does reality TV perpetuate stereotypes and encourage bullying? Dr Andrea Schineanu weighs in.

Not the reality we want
Keep your eyes on the prize and stay positive for week three of the #BetterInRed challenge. #MotivationalMonday
30 minutes, three times a week - that's the goal! Stay motivated and join week three of the #BetterInRed challenge.

Better In Red - Week Three

Are you joining us on campus for Residential School in April? Some of our online Science students share what you should be looking forward to.
Creativity and spectacle are becoming less important than the personal information used to target ads #WeekendRead

How Facebook and Google changed the advertising game
Mandi pirouetted and pliéed her way through week two of the #BetterInRed challenge and is taking home $60 worth of active wear! Keep up the great work Mandi.
I'm too busy, it's too cold, I don't know what to do - Kiara has used all of the excuses too! Hear why she joined the #BetterInRed challenge and has committed to improving her health and wellbeing.

Reflections of a Red Runner
"We need to maintain a paramedic workforce that is there for all members of the community and you can only do that by ensuring that our students are drawn from all parts of the community," Mr Phillip Ebbs.

Closing the Gap is good paramedicine
The CSU Student Leadership Program gives student leaders the chance to develop their skills. And, it's a SSAF funded initiative! Find out more: [ Link ]
You don't have to be a runner to take part in the #BetterInRed challenge. Here are five ideas for getting your 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week.
Harriet travels to Canberra twice a week to train and all over Australia to compete for the Brumbies, all while studying a Bachelor of Animal Science!

Meet Harriet Elleman