Want to see a KICK ASS revenge Torture film, get Daddy's Little Girl NOW!!

Please share along folks. Love my second film!!
So awesome to see Blumhouse sharing Charlie's Farm and other genre films :)

FRANKENSTEIN, HOWL, CHARLIE’S FARM? Who Is Alchemy & Why Don’t We Know About Them?

BOUGHT ED my first novel yet?

You can purchase direct from my web site, all copies come signed :)

If you have read ED drop me and the readers a line below telling us what you thought.

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Some of the reviews from readers.

Ness Heagerty ED... A brilliant mix of gore, erotica, humour and blood lust and throw in a couple of halucinagenic twists that you never saw...
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ED Novel


Chrissy and myself (Director Chris Sun) Invite you all to come along to a special gala event. Watch all 3 of my films, Come and Get Me, Daddy's Little Girl (Full 2 hour version) and my last film Charlie's Farm all on the big screen for one night only.

Hang with Chrissy, Myself and some of the amazing Aussie talent that have acted in my pictures...
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Walk down memory Lane

To purchase tickets to "Walk Down Memory Lane" please click the link below. Please select "Free Shipping" in check out folks. Ticket purchase is Paypal only.

Join myself and some of the Aussie talent from my last 3 films as we watch movies and talk about making each picture, Audience Q&A, prizes and much much more.

Sat 28th May Majestic Cinema Nambour. Red carpet starts from 4PM with the...
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Walk down memory Lane



Hey legends, please please share this along, my 2nd film “Daddy's Little Girl'” is starting to get another push in the USA and we need your help.

If you haven’t seen DLG yet and would like too please click on the link below, Breaking Glass Pictures are huge supporters of independent filmmakers and films. They have an amazing library...
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Spread the word!

The target month for the release of my 4th film BOAR is October 2016 on the Sunshine Coast. Everything is falling into place for completing the shoot, then we will jump straight into post production.

Keep late October free my friends because BOAR IS COMING!!

Attached is a link to the "teaser" the official trailer will be out in a few months.

[ Youtube.com Link...
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Official Boar Teaser - A Chris Sun Film

Official #Boar teaser Chris Sun's latest film after Charlie's Farm. Please like the Boar FB page and share this teaser along, also like and comment below we ...

SHARE SHARE SHARE and help raise funds for the Daniel Morcombe Movie NOW!

Charlie and I support the "Where is Daniel? Movie" So should you :)

FILMMAKERS and FILM FANS show your support!!

Donate now and follow the steps below and share the shit out of kickstarter campaign.

1. post your selfie to your FB page with this link
2. tag @whereisdanielmovie
3. tag @danielmorcombefoundation
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Support Aussie Filmmakers and Independent filmmakers.

BOAR will be released October 2016

#Boar #aChrisSunFilm

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Please be sure to SHARE this page also. Thank you for your ongoing support of my work.

Chris Sun

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My girl is so kind wanting to save money, what an incredible woman I have :)

#theChrisandChrissyShow #halfpricesale #iloveyoubaby #canispendsomemoney

If you haven't read the article yet or downloaded the full Magazine "Charlie's Farm" has a great write up in Fangoria thanks to the Brilliant Michael Helms. Michael has written a few stories about my career so far and hopefully there will be many more to come.

I have attached some screen shots from the article but urge everyone to support Fangoria...
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When I need that perfect suit or outfit for a film event Chrissy and I head into Johns Formalwear, Karen and Heather make sure I have everything I need and also make sure my beautiful partner looks a million dollars as well.

Please support local if you live on the Sunshine Coast and LIKE, SHARE Johns Formalwear FB page.

[ Facebook.com Link ]

#aChrisSunFilm #Johnsformalwear...
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Chilling out with my little man Charlie, cheers to Johns Formalwear for making sure I always look half decent for premieres and festivals.

If your needing anything formal to wear and you live on the Sunshine Coast, head down to Johns Formal wear and tell them Chris sent you. Karen and the team will take care of you.

Unit 7/ 64 Sugar Road
Maroochydore, QLD
(07) 5443 9575
[ Thesuitshop.com.au...
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Charlie is getting out there now, keep going Shoreline Entertainment your an amazing sales and management team. Thank you icflix for taking on my Australian film plenty more to come :)

#Charliesfarm #aChrisSunFilm #ShorelineEntertainment

As you're all aware my next film after Boar is called HOUSE FOR RENT and is 13 ghosts meets Evil Dead meets Flatliners. Myself, my partner Chrissy and my concept artist Rob have been busy working on the ghost designs.

So meet Vladimir folks.

House for Rent #aChrisSunFilm #theChrisandChrissyShow

Vladimir is a Russian immigrant who...
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Good times with Tara Reid doing the Charlie's Farm Press tour, I see the best PR manager in AU Shane Tyler Greaves filming from outside.

Can't wait to start the press run for BOAR later in the year with some amazing Aussie actors, going to be a blast.

#aChrisSunFilm #Charliesfarm #PRTour
Please BUY this book and like/share this page.

Hey guys this is very close to me and if you could please support for your kids and buy them this book that would be awesome.

MY good friend and concept and CGI artist Rob Stanley has written a children's book about his dog "Murray". Murray was Robs best friend and he lost him not to long ago, however whilst Murray was alive Rob and Murray...
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THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!! Keep sharing and clicking the link to purchase your tickets.

Seems the VIP tickets are very popular, if your wanting VIP please be quick folks they are nearly sold out.

Still standard tickets available. Cant wait to give you all a good night legends.

[ Slaughterfx.com.au Link ]

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