Writer: Charlotte Bronte Director: Sally Cookson Composer: Benji Bower Reviewer: Harriet Brace Jane Eyre is Charlotte Bronte’s lasting legacy. The novel for which she is best remembered, the story …
Charlotte Brontë 06/07/2017

Jane Eyre – Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Astrid Olga Knutsen
Nic Pearce
Debbie Cartwright Carruthers
Rebecca Lipchak
Sarra Messoud
Alicia Valverde
A FORMER museum building with links to the Brontes is to be sold off after community interest bids were not considered “suitable”.
Charlotte Brontë 05/23/2017

Building once frequented by Charlotte Bronte to be sold off

Mariam Ramzan
Janie Blake Rowell
Peter Roberts
New York Theatre Barn pre-premiere of THE BRONTËS a new musical...

Music: Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed
Lyrics: Sarah Ziegler
Book: Katie Palmer, Lucas Tahiryzzaman Syed, and Sarah Ziegler
Created with Theater in Asylum
Starring Patricia Noonan, Carly Kincannon, Anne Wechsler, Aaron Casey, John Weigand+
Directed by Ileana Ransom Toeplitz; MD Kevin B. Winebold

Theater in Asylum

More here: [...
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New York Theatre Barn prepremiere of THE BRONTËS a new musical

The Brontës: A New Musical

Nicole Bach
Maxi Sautter
Meaghan Barry
A new short story collection from Everyman's Library, available today...

"'Reader, I married him."
―from JANE EYRE by Charlotte Brontë excerpted in WEDDING STORIES

A bouquet of great wedding stories–by turns funny, passionate, bittersweet, and romantic–by famous writers from across the past two centuries. From F. Scott Fitzgerald to Lorrie Moore, and from Stephen Crane to Edwidge Danticat....
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A new short story collection from Everyman's Library available today
Катя Димитрова
"Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion. To attack the first is not to assail the last."
--from JANE EYRE (1847)
Conventionality is not morality Selfrighteousness is not religion To attack the first
Becca Carr
Linda Thornburg
Queta Abisaín
Rep stages the famous novel with black actress, veteran director.
Charlotte Brontë 04/30/2017

Theater: Why Jane Eyre Still Matters

Liz Hunter
Sarah Williams-Jareth
Jessica Amen Canales
Where Gaskell was gregarious and conventional, Brontë was an introverted maverick – but the former did fierce, invaluable work to protect the latter’s reputation
Charlotte Brontë 04/29/2017

Elizabeth Gaskell: Charlotte Brontë's unlikely defender against prurient gossip

Angela Greenslade
Mary Lydia Daines
Marcee Garland
This is Charlotte Brontë’s earliest known effort at writing, a short story written for her sister Anne, the baby of the family. The tiny book is delightfully illustrated throughout with tiny watercolour vignettes and it still retains its original covers made from a piece of grey-flowered wallpaper.

via The British Library
This is Charlotte Brontës earliest known effort at writing a short story

Earliest known writings of Charlotte Brontë

Peter Francis
Michelle Felton
Marjean Fieldhouse
Neda Arshadi
Coretta Alexander
Lauren Conrad
Possibly Elizabeth Gaskell’s finest work – a bold portrait of a brilliant woman worn down by her father and the death of her siblings
Charlotte Brontë 04/23/2017

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 63 – The Life of Charlotte Brontë by Elizabeth Gaskell (1857)

Peter Donnelly
Meredith Griffiths
Beatriz Misenta
Why they’re still a perfect allegory for fighting the patriarchy.
Charlotte Brontë 04/22/2017

The Brontë sisters are the feminist heroes we need in 2017

Pat Blalock
Laurel Vaccaro Hausman
Christina Croft
Charlotte Brontë was born 201 years ago on this day in 1816.
Charlotte Brontë was born 201 years ago on this day in 1816
Sandra Montgomery
Sarah Louise Gordon
Brandy Dougan
Today is the 201st anniversary of the birth of Charlotte Brontë.
Today is the 201st anniversary of the birth of Charlotte Brontë
Brenda Lewis
Lorena Popescu
Leena Ahmed
The three-bedroom, Grade II-listed hall is set to go on the market for £1,200 per month.
Charlotte Brontë 04/10/2017

Jane Eyre hall visited by Charlotte Bronte goes up for rent

Helvellyn Lakes
Christy Farmer
Orlagh Doyle
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Charlotte Brontë 04/01/2017

Bronte Society spring walk from Thornton to Haworth to mark Charlotte Bronte's birthday and promote Fair Trade

MedaMegan Cook
Linda Manning
Dalma Kalogjera
Today is the 162nd anniversary of the death of Charlotte Brontë.
Today is the 162nd anniversary of the death of Charlotte Brontë
Jennifer Holberg
Marjean Fieldhouse
Mariah Newmyer
Are you more of a Charlotte, Emily, or Anne? Take this quiz to find out!
Charlotte Brontë 03/31/2017

Quiz: Which Brontë Sister Are You Most Like?

Cathy Justice
Meryem Yılmaz
Rachel Barratt
The lives of the Brontë sisters, who wrote such beloved books as Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, are the focus of
Charlotte Brontë 03/30/2017

The Brontë Sisters: Their Books, Loves And Lives

Mariah Newmyer
Marjean Fieldhouse
Lara M Mullen
"How did three such relatively sheltered women, the daughters of a priest living in rural Yorkshire, write some of the most passionate and proto-feminist novels of the 19th century?”

The Atlantic on Sally Wainwright’s dramatization of the lives of the Brontë sisters.
How did three such relatively sheltered women the daughters of a priest

PBS's 'To Walk Invisible' Finds Fire in the Lives of the Bronte Sisters

Susan Claire
Maureen Meyfarth
Teresa Cassle