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hands up who needs this?!โ€ฌ
โ€ชIt's now just ยฃ9.99 in the @inthestyleUK up to 70% off sale
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Grey day there's 20% off everything @inthestyleUK tonight
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Matte liquid lipstick heaven!!!! Guys these beauties are available NOW individually at ยฃ9.99 each - WOW!!! #fliquecosmetics available on
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Guys we are down to the last few shades available on don't miss out !! Restocking Feb 2017 ! @Charlottegshore Miracle Makeover !
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my activewear collection is LIVE on because I'm so bloody happy to celebrate I'm giving you ยฃ100 to spend on the range & a Fitbit Charge 2 โœŒ to enter just like In The Style and follow the steps on their post ????
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A woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer every 3 hours, yet it is one of the cancers that can be prevented. Attend your smear test; reduce your risk of cervical cancer. It could save your life. I nominate Sophie Kasaei to join me and @JosCervicalCancerTrust to encourage more women to attend their smear when invited!
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Check out our AMAZING 10 shade highlighter palette! 10 amazing luminous shades ranging from cool to warm to enhance your glam! Our fantastic formulas can be used as eyeshadows also! Available NOW on
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Did you know today is the day youโ€™re most likely to wobble from your diet. Stay strong with a Hartley's Jelly 10 Cal pot #spon
Just found out my unreal jumpsuit is under ยฃ11 on @inthestyleUK what the hell?? Check out the huge sale it's up to 70% off today
So excited for my activewear collection to launch very soon! Due to the extreme weather conditions across Europe there is a small delay on the launch date but don't panic though as our EARLY VIP access is dropping FRIDAY . You can ONLY access if you sign up on the website using the link below. It's time to feel good and get active, let's show 2017 what we're made of girls
When your @fliquecosmetics matte lipstick gives you everything you need in life!!!!!!!
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Nude on Fliquรฉ
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BIG NEWS โœŒ if you haven't yet signed up to my fitness collection then why the hell not ?? There isn't long left & let me tell you it's the most sign ups In The Style have EVER had & trust me you don't wanna miss out on your early access cus this range is UNREAL

Charlotte Crosby Activewear Signup
My fitness range is better than yours.... โœŒ
Yesssss my unreal range with InTheStyle drops in just 4 days but the amazing news is if you sign up now you can get early access to it
Sign up here girls and make sure you keep an eye out for the email to confirm sign up
PS - comment below and tell me what you think, I want to read them xx
@fliquecosmetics matte liquid lipsticks are what dreams are made of! available over on pack of 2 just ยฃ19.99
I've got an activewear range with @inthestyleuk launching next week!!! Soooo, the great news is you can now sign up for EARLY access right here
Loving this Flique look using the full contour kit, Egyptian sunrise palette, lash style 1. Sunburst in the highlight palette on the cheeks and snow also on the inner corner or eye and under the brow. Nude on flique on the lips โค