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Charlotte Dujardin
12/08/2016 at 10:53. Facebook
In a shoot with the brilliant Jon Stroud for the latest issue of British Horse, the magazine of the British Horse Society, Blueberry wanted to show that he is well and truly ready for Christmas and keeps peeking over the door to see when Santa is arriving. :)
Charlotte Dujardin
12/06/2016 at 18:08. Facebook
I have just released the next two headwarmers in my collection for Annabel Brocks. Hope you like them!!

[ Annabelbrocks.com Link ]
Charlotte Dujardin
12/01/2016 at 08:14. Facebook
A one month old baby Blueberry ❤
Baby Blueberry :)
En Vogue, co owned with Sandra Biddlecombe, seen here at Your Horse Live
Such an exciting horse for the future. We absolutely adore him ❤
It was a happy Piaffe team this morning receiving their WHIS headsets. These are the best headsets I have ever found for teaching and now you can get the headsets two way which is so useful.
Available at Classic Dressage
[ Classicdressage.com Link ]
Our beautiful Florentina. Such a sweet mare. Love her to pieces ❤
Brooke are nominated at the Charity Film Awards! If you would like to vote for them :) here is the link: [ Charityfilmawards.com Link ]

The Charity Film Awards | The Charity Film Awards

Weather like today reminds me why my rug driers a god send! Best bit of kit we've invested in for Winter let me tell you!!!

[ Horserugdriers.co.uk Link ]

Home Page - Centaur - Heated Horse Rug Dryers

Brooke Shop is a great way to buy thoughtful Christmas gifts that help working equines and their owners. You can also get your Christmas cards from the shop! :)

[ Thebrookeshop.org Link ]

Home - Brooke Shop

We still have horses to add, pictures and a few tweaks but my website has a fresh new look and I've very excited to say it's now live :) x

[ Charlottedujardin.co.uk Link ]

The Official Website of the Olympic, European and World Champion

Some of you may have seen this already; January 2017, I will be heading back down under to the stunning countries of New Zealand and Australia, combining a personal holiday and then an exciting through the levels masterclass across three venues. Really looking forward to returning to these beautiful places to share some of my training and experiences, so hope you will join us for the evenings...
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As I have posted over the last week, it's a very emotional time at the moment as we prepare to retire our best friend and the greatest horse we have ever known. He will still be ridden, he will still do demos but the competition arena is his no more. Recording how we felt about him was very hard but we wanted to be part of this small tribute to him.

Olympia here we come for our final dance..
Day two at Your Horse Live was great and again I was so proud of Freestyle, Flora and Daisy for how they behaved. A special thank you to owners Shirley Rixon, Paul and Wendy Dockley and Emma Blundell for letting these super horses join our special day. I don't have all the pictures yet from the weekend but will share when I do. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves x
Well don't you two look lovely in your new coats. Your Horse Live = irresistible shopping = Philomena London ❤
Words will never describe the feeling when people tell me I've inspired them. It's very emotional to hear and I feel honoured to be in a position to say to a little girl like this that she should chase her dreams because anything is possible. So cute x
Great day at Your Horse Live. So proud of the young horses, Flash, Nancy and Vogue who coped really well considering they have never experienced anything like that! Thank you to everyone who came to watch my demonstrations and to owners Sandra Biddlecombe and Sarah Tyler Evans and my mum who owns Flash. Hope everyone attending enjoyed them and took away some learnings and tips for your own...
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