Charlotte Wessels
01/17/2017 at 11:58. Facebook
"Who wore it better?" Hooman vs cat edition featuring Roxy.
Spoiler: Roxy wins
Charlotte Wessels
01/13/2017 at 14:29. Facebook
Happy Friday 13th. Watch out for all those - absolutely terrifying - black cats!
Updated my Spotify playlist! To hear some of my favorite tracks (or to be precise 95 songs at almost 8 hours if them ) go to: [ Link ]
"All the trigger warnings in earth cannot prepate a reader for the traumas of this Korean author's translated debut in the Anglophone world" -Porochista Khapour in the New York Times about 'The Vegetarian'.
I have to agree. This one was absolutely heartbreaking and hard to read at times. Despite that, and the fact that all people in this book react to someone becoming a vegetarian as if it...
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Another gorgeous piece by @caitlin_hackett "The Sacred Child"
Soon... #Delain #Moonbathers #Russia
Final night for me with #lemmylives
at Poppodium Volt tonight!
At Poppodium Metropool with #lemmylives tonight. I will be back here very soon again for a #Delain clubshow! Check out the event here [ Link ]

Ps. Not really sure what's happening in this photo but it looks rock'n'roll ????
Happy Friday! This is 'Meet The Hug Squad' (2015) by @chris.berens
the cat/bat is my favorite
Hey Russia! Are you ready for #Delain? We'll be performing in St Petersburg and Moscow the 20th and 21st of January!

St Petersburg: [ Link ]

Moscow: [ Link ]

Photo by Agata Alina Sieradzka
Two more days of #lemmylives coming up this weekend. Tickets are still available for the shows in Hengelo and Sittard.
#lemmylives #Lemmy #Motorhead #deathalley #peterpanspeedrock #Delain #birthofjoy #heideroosjes #stavast #thedeaf #thecharmthefury #voltage #dool
Voor het eerst op een eindejaarslijstje met mijn novelle! "The Deviant Hearts" staat in de top 5 meest indrukwekkende literatuur uit 2016 van Alex Hoogendoorn - boekenblog. Bedankt Alex!

My first time to be included in Year-End list with my Novella! "The Deviant Hearts" is in Alex Hoogendoorn - boekenblog's top 5 most impressive literature of 2016. Thank you Alex!

De meest indrukwekkende literatuur uit 2016
Beautiful work by @mynameistran
Biotope #tuinierenvoorstadsmensen
Souvenir from yesterday's #lemmylives show in a sold out Effenaar. Final show of the year!
Regram from @davevermeulen93
Throwback to our anniversary show in Paradiso. More Dutch clubshows are coming up early 2017. Go to [ Link ] for dates and tickets!

Photo by Joe Prostredny
Tonight's #lemmylives show at Patronaat, Haarlem, will be moved to the larger hall meaning 150 more tickets are now available!
GOED NIEUWS! Er bleek nog zoveel animo voor deze show van vanavond, dat hij is verplaatst naar de grote zaal! Daarmee zijn er nu ook weer kaarten beschikbaar, zowel in de voorverkoop als aan de deur!

[ Link ]

Photo by @arjankolkena

#lemmylives #Lemmy...
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