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We have MAJOR ring and nail envy!!I Congrats Bethany on being our latest #ManiMonday winner!

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When life hands you lemons... Lay back, relax and sink under a blanket of sweet, citrusy aromas This energizing blend of white tea, bergamot and lemon will fight fatigue and provide an instant boost.

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This is what winning a $1700 ring looks like!! We are so happy you love it Jenna Radl ☺

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YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Here's a sneak peek at what we've been brewing up inside HQ ✨ See any bracelets here you'd love to reveal?

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Psst, a small restock of our 'Citrus Lemonade Necklace Bath Bombs' are back up online ✨ Fun fact: Citrusy aromas have the power to brighten moods and soothe the mind after a long day ✨✨

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Did you know that diamond circle pendants are worn to symbolize eternal love? Much like the kind of love we have for all of YOU!

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A $1700 ring has been released from our archives and is looking for a new home! This amethyst gem is dedicated to all our February babies and is a symbol of luxury, faith and calmness

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You know what they say: if the crown fits...get as excited as Tanya! ;)

Show us how excited you would be to reveal a from our collection by leaving a in the comments ⬇

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'❤' this $250 ring if it would brighten your day! Will you get lucky like @c.b.petram?

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Take a look at these stunners from our 500+ collection!

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A necklace you dream about ... ✨ (: @jennifer_caretero)

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That's what ring dreams are made of!! Thanks Brittney for sharing! <3

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Dubbed a "lifesaver" during this dry winter, @amymeryl swears by our 'Body Butter' for deep moisturization ✨✨✨

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Here's another treat for you on #RandomActsOfKindness day! We're giving away our newest ring-size candle 'Clean Linen'!

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February's birthstone, Amethyst is a brilliant purple-hued stone associated with sincerity, peace of mind and good health. We designed these collection in all cuts and shapes to symbolize your creative thinking and ability to face adversity with positivity ✨

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Can't...Look...Away A collection like this is meant to be shown off! Thanks Jennifer!

Did you know? We have over 500 ring styles hidden in our candles!
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Many of you said 'Vanilla Sugar Cookie' was your FAVOURITE scent What other cookie aromas should we add to our candle collection? Comment below ⬇

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GUESS WHAT!? It's Random Acts of Kindness Day and we want to do something special for YOU!

1. Tag a kind-hearted person
2. Tell us why they deserve something special✨

We will randomly select 5 winners throughout the day to receive a discount code off their next Charmed Aroma purchase!

We will be announcing winners at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm EST so stay tuned!
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V-Day is over but @starrinthesky's 'Sugar Scrub' gift from her boyfriend will last her through these dry winter days! ✨❄ SHOPPING TIP buy our Sugar Scrub and Body Butter bundle to save!

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If you're a blogger or influencer in North America, say hi! We'd love to learn more about you Currently we're looking to work with 10 ladies on an exciting project for 2017! Charmed Aroma is all for building a fun, strong and empowering community to inspire our fabulous followers ✨ If you know someone who'd be interested, give them a tag too! Email us: