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The Challenge: Catch big Bass with Panfish baits...

Tiny Baits Catching Big Bass!
What's the difference between monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line? This quick guide breaks it all down!

Monofilament VS Fluorocarbon
The Drop Shot Rig can produce big fish. Anglers are raving about the Seaguar Fluorocarbon InvizX fluorocarbon as a leader. This line has exceptionally low memory for a pure fluorocarbon, which makes for very natural finesse presentations.
Travis Moran of Lucky Tackle Box caught this MONSTER! Message us pictures of your own Trophy Fish and we will feature you on our page.
Custom Lures Unlimited's Jig was one of our favorites in September's Lucky Tackle Box
Christopher Greenland with a 9.5 lbs monster bass on a Big Bite Baits Fishing Lures triple tail jerk minnow at Letsibogo dam in Botswana.
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While we normally only post bass fishing related pictures, we thought you might enjoy this great catch just for the Halibut. The STORMR Nano looks pretty sweet too. Yass!
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The darter head technique has been a super productive finesse presentation on the West Coast for years. Now the secret's out!

Hitting the Bullseye with the Darter Head
Hate fishing? That's fine, more for me...
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