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It's set to be a lovely weekend as we open for the 2017 season. If you're coming early, why not make the most of the sunshine and go for a walk around the park or the garden, or try our new brunch menu in the Stables, before going in the house?
Chatsworth House
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It's Friends Day at Chatsworth today! For anyone who can't wait until tomorrow or later in the year to see #ChatsworthHouseStyle, here is a short preview especially for you!
Chatsworth House
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We are thrilled to be holding our most ambitious exhibition EVER (with a little help from our principal sponsor, Gucci) at Chatsworth this year. Discover more about 'House Style' in this article in British Vogue.

Cache In The Attic: Inside Chatsworth's 'House Style: Five Centuries Of Fashion'
Chatsworth House
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Four more days until we open again! We're celebrating with a competition ☀
Ten days to go until we open the doors for 'House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth'. There's a lot going on in the house! It's all very exciting and we can't wait to welcome you all. It's also a little bit scary how much there still is to do...
The sun may be shining today but we feel that this photo captures something of a #mondaymorning mood... Paine's Bridge by @digital_editz (via instagram).
The sunny weather the last few days has been so welcome on the estate - it feels like nature is springing back into life wherever you look ☀ We love the way the natural framing in this shot from @georgefmstubbs leads our eyes across the aqueduct, down the cascade, across the Salisbury lawn, past the end of the house and over the 'Capability' Brown landscape...
Stunning blooms from the Chatsworth cutting garden Photos from Becky Crowley on Instagram.
Happy World Book Day from the Chatsworth Library This leather-bound, three volume, first edition 'Pride and Prejudice' is the reading material of dreams - especially to commemorate 200 years since the death of the brilliant Jane Austen.
Many of the Dukes and Duchesses of Devonshire entertained on a grand scale, requiring the fabrication of beautiful silver objects for use during elaborate gatherings. Some of the Dukes, most notably the first, were just as interested in purely ornamental pieces. “It was pure bravado by the 1st Duke, who wanted to establish himself as a connoisseur and a great collector, but also of great...
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February weather can be rather wild in this part of the country! It makes for some stunning scenes. This week we're rather taken with this dramatic deer photo captured on the estate by Mark Darlington ????????????
"My Gallery was intended for modern sculpture, and I have almost entirely abstained from mixing it with any fragments of antiquity". The sixth Duke of Devonshire talking about the sculpture gallery he created between 1818 and 1834.
At Chatsworth, carefully preserved historical garments tell the story of some of British society’s most fashion-forward aristocrats. Among the Duchesses of Devonshire were several true tastemakers, notably Georgiana, wife of the 5th Duke – her flair for late 18th-century fashion was well documented in paintings by Thomas Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds. Fashion played a special part in the...
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Patrick Kinmouth, designer and director of Chatsworth House Style, talking about the forthcoming exhibition: "We hope to rediscover the house through its uniforms and liveries, a stole, a feather, a lock of hair . . . things worn to its weddings, parties and funerals; jewels and coronets and notes and journals and watercolours and miniatures and photographs and on and on." Read the full...
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My designs on Chatsworth: how to bring 500 years of fashion history to life
Due to adverse weather conditions, the farmyard and adventure playground are closed today. We apologise for any disappointment.

For visitors who have booked for today, 23 February, we will honour your ticket any other day this week (24-26 February). Alternatively, please email for a refund.
A notable jewelry set in the Devonshire Collection is the Parure, a suite of seven pieces commissioned by the 6th Duke of Devonshire to be worn by his niece, who accompanied him to Czar Nicolas II’s coronation in Moscow in 1896. Find out more about the set, which includes tiaras and bracelets, in episode 11 of Sotheby's 'Treasures from Chatsworth'.
Tapestries cover the walls of Chatsworth’s State Rooms. Expensive, beautiful and insulating, these were highly valued objects in in the 17th century. The Chatsworth tapestries hail from Mortlake, one of the world’s most renowned workshops, first set up in England by Charles the 1st in the 16th century. Learn more about the history and preservation of the Mortlake Tapestries in Sotheby's...
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An inside look at our forthcoming exhibition, 'House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth', with Lady Burlington.

Chatsworth is celebrating 500 years of fashion with a new exhibition
"Historically when a new generation moved into this house, if they needed furniture, they got the best contemporary makers to make it,” says the 12th Duke of Devonshire, adding, “we have reverted to that practice.” Learn more about Chatsworth’s extraordinary mix of important antiques and daring contemporary designs in episode 9 of Sotheby's 'Treasures from Chatsworth'.