Chaz Davies
01/18/2017 at 22:30. Facebook
Buried deep in the carnage of Americana at The Ranch. So much fun and so much talent out on track last weekend

Chaz Davies
01/13/2017 at 19:01. Facebook
✈➡ Little patch of land on the east coast of Italy is calling my name... ✊

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Chaz Davies
01/13/2017 at 13:58. Facebook
Drifting into the weekend liiiiike

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Such a #FoggyFriday to end this #training week for @chazdavies7 and let the #weekend start! || Photo credits @leoncamier ? ????
Moonlighting ✊
Feet up drills thru the trees with bromie Leon Camier yesterday ❄✊
Tor takes his fair share of daily slams... for that reason he chooses X-Lite

Nolan Group
❄❄❄It's called Winter Training for a reason... temperature gauge stuck firmly at -3.5 celcius all afternoon ☃.

Still, got what I was looking for out of the day and feeling sufficiently beasted right now

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#MondayMotivation with @chazdavies7 || Get off the sofa and make your dreams come true for 2017 ✊
Dangerous and fun... dangerously fun
Not for the faint hearted! Showed @thestrengthtemple around the training loop today. Give him a follow and check out his insta stories for more insight

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A l t i t u d e | Safe to say Day 2 in the mountains got off to an epic start with @chazdavies7 (AKA mountain ) showing me round his back yard. Just when you think you're fit... you go running (and a fair bit of...
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The best presents of Christmas... a 'yes' from her and a original 1971 'On Any Sunday' movie poster #sick
It was THAT fresh out today ❄✊❄
Soooo, Christmas 2016 was a success
Caption time, Christmas edition!

Chatting helmets with @sava32 & @leoncamier at the @nolangroup Christmas party.

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Got like 3 feet of air that time #wheeliewednesday

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@ChazDavies7 in Action. Do you think that this man, winning the last 3 Rounds of 6 Grand Prix could be ready to get the Champion 2017???
When you ask your team owner for internet advice and he comes up with a power house of a care package! Thank you Stefano @, this should keep me busy for a few days ????
There's a lot of people that would pay good money for that tree topper eh @leoncamier
So much negativity around the new rules. Rules that will MAKE WSBK GREAT AGAIN! Personally, I'm for the changes and can't wait for my 2017 campaign. I have a great team behind me, a strong team. Myself and my running mate @marcomelandri33 won't build a (pit garage) wall . We probably won't be grabbing anyone by the either. Oh... and if I don't win the championship then it's probably a fix