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Me on one half of rotary phone and no one else on the other end.
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Thinking of my India adventures...
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Season 2 starts April 14th. A new hour-long episode of Chelsea every Friday on Netflix.
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When Chunk and I don't see eye to eye.
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Ice cream, anyone?
Women's health and reproductive rights are under attack like never before. That's why I told Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee I'd do whatever it takes to help him stand up to those trying to defund Planned Parenthood and take away health care from millions of Americans. Click the petition below to join the fight, because it's sure as hell going to take a lot more than just Dan and me.

Stand with Chelsea Handler and Dan Kildee: Protect Planned Parenthood!
Tough love
Sunday vibes. #chunk
Took my gay and Muslim friend to Nordstrom and then to the White House to pay our respects.
Look at this little nugget
Thank you to my American and Indian crew. Thanks, India and to everyone we met. Season 2 @chelseashow
Chunk's stomach flipped. #postsurgery
My first meditation at an ashram #olddelhi
Indian wedding #delhi #delhibaby
My crew. #india thank you, Netflix. Season 2