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Chunk waiting for #biglittlelies to come on.
Chelsea Handler
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Attention New Yorkers: Join me and Gloria Steinem for The New York Times - TimesTalks on Monday, April 3rd. Get tickets here:
Chelsea Handler
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London dinner party with Rita Ora, Naomi Campbell, Alexa Chung, and Rob Delaney. Chelsea Season 2 starts April 14th on Netflix.
Shepherding. There's one named chelsea in back of me. #wales April 14 season 2 premiere #netflix Chelsea
England @chelseashow April 14th. I'm taking London by storm.
It's time to be bold. If you can't be bold for yourself, be bold for others: run for office, volunteer, get active.

#BeBoldForChange #InternationalWomensDay
130 million girls out of school isn’t just sexist, it’s stupid. I refuse to be silent, so I’m counting with ONE Campaign. Join me if you believe #GirlsCount too: [ Link ]

Chelsea just counted 8763 to show #GirlsCount
Tammy went camping.
Chunk and me.
Working in Berlin. Thank you, Netflix for talking me around the world!
Tammy turns 4. About 5 years ago.
Santa Clarita Diet is a pretty funny, stoooooooopid show on Netflix. Watch it. Getting stoned is a good idea, too.
Sailing sissies and cousins
Thank you for all the donations to planned parenthood in honor of my birthday. Xx❤
It's my birthday. If you'd like to give me a gift, a donation of $5 to Planned Parenthood would make my day: [ Link ]
The streets of San Francisco
Behind the scenes of Chelsea Season 2. Starts April 14th on Netflix.