The Moroccan Chicken Salad from Homemade Happiness is going down a treat this summer - photos galore! Here's the recipe: [ Link ]
Summery storage solutions for my dub-cara milk. #spritebomb
Is it too early to be thinking about Custard Square? Yep, Snickalicious is pretty epic but let's not forget this superstar from Homemade Happiness...
I cried actual tears when I read this. It's no small thing to know I'm connecting in a such positive way with so many people, and helping to empower them in their own kitchens. You guys and your beautiful posts, messages, emails and photos mean the world to me. Never stop <3
This four year old will be putting me out of a job soon! I reckon he could come on board as my creative assistant for the next book - and maybe then I won't forget to garnish the heading. (That's the Everyday Delicious contents page.)
Yay, free recipe time! It was close - but the Coconut-poached Thai Chicken Noodle Salad from Scrumptious wins. Here's the recipe - give it a crack, it's bloody good: [ Link ] (Oh and share this post with a gluten or dairy-free mate, they'll legit love it).
You guys tried the Bellissimo Baked Chicken from Scrumptious yet? Juicy chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella and herbs, wrapped in bacon, topped with a golden crumb and baked in a homemade Italian tomato sauce. AND it's super easy - a one pan wonder!
THE PIE HAS LANDED! My awesomely delish new Pork, Apple & Sage pies are in Z Espress Stations across the country from today. A tasty, piping hot filling made with tender free-farmed pork ensconced in deliciously crispy golden pastry. Kiwi as and delicious as. Get a pie down ya on your next mission - and let me know what you think!
Grabbing a cheeky pie when you fill up for the summer road trip - does it get any more Kiwi than that? Nah. I love a pie done well - so naturally, when Z Energy asked me to create another special pie for them, I said HECK YES I WILL! In a few days, all will be revealed...
I've lost count of how many incred photos Rachael has posted to my wall - this one was too awesome not to be shared. Gooey Little Chocolate Puddings - the recipe's online here: [ Link ]
Just cranked these out using a bowl and wooden spoon - all done in 15 minutes. The BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world. Here's the recipe: [ Link ] (share this with a Cookie Monster you know)
It's a tough choice - what'll it be, folks? I can only share one of these very special (and very popular) recipes from Scrumptious on my website, so please comment below to let me know which one you want. Either the Coconut-poached Thai Chicken Noodle Salad (fresh, light, sings with incredible flavours, gluten & dairy-free) - OR - the Sweet & Sour Chicken (made from scratch, ultra tasty and...
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'Part of your woooorrrrrrrrllld!' (32 years old and I still want to be Ariel real bad)
Pondering what to make with my smoked kahawai. Tell me - would you do?
Life's a beach - at least it is for you two! Jody, you've won two copies of Scrumptious, and Beverley you've got yourself a case of my Lewis Road Creamery Double Caramel Milk! Skippitty doo-da-day!
How'd you like to WIN a copy of Scrumptious? Comment below, tag in a mate and you might both win a signed & personalised copy! (And in case you can't see, I'm holding the book here while I do awesome beach ninja stuff).
My new Sausage, Pumpkin & Pasta bake from Scrumptious has been incredibly popular - and this photo of it may cause a frenzy of screen-lickage.
I die with joy a little bit every time I see someone bust out the 'family pack' from Homemade Happiness. Chelsea Fried Chicken, Potato & Gravy & Coleslaw - all made by Kirsty, from scratch, using good ingredients. How good does that chicken on the right look?!