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Putting the brakes on air pollution in the metro system of one of China's cities could save lives

Subway air pollution damages passenger health
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Scientific knowledge and analysis shape our view, but can also be selectively ignored

How does being a chemist change your view on the world?
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Our friends at Honeywell Research Chemicals on the solutions that can help your lab to be more efficient

Increasing lab efficiencies through bespoke solutions
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In the first of a new series with an eye on the future we look at how manipulation at the level of atoms will transform chemistry

Tuning in to AFM
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Why Darpa is creating a biosafety and biosecurity toolkit for genome editors

Safety first with gene editing
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Cars fitted with methane analysers flag streets in Boston, New York and Indianapolis where subterranean pipes are in need of repair

Google Street View cars map methane leaks in major US cities
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Clear silicon nitride could be a cheaper alternative to diamond for ultra-tough windows

Super-hard transparent ceramic looks good
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Artificial meat firm now racing to drive down costs with an eye on consumer sales by 2021

First lab grown poultry declared 'remarkably flavourful'
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Evaluation clears the way for long term authorisation of herbicide

Glyphosate is not carcinogenic, EU chemicals association concludes
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Broader forms of activism are needed to protect evidence-based policy

How to resist threats to science
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Hypercrosslinked polymers absorb deadly agents

Chemical weapons trapped the swell way
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Collaborative efforts offers information on hazardous chemical reactions and allows users to add their own incident reports

New database highlights cumulative chemical dangers
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Light-controlled nanomachines embedded in a polymer can control its shrinking and expanding

Nanomachines with reverse gear control gel movement
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Efforts to get to grips with the problem has meant new ideas and technologies are now being brought to bear

Taking on chemistry's reproducibility problem
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Cigarette filters containing copper nanoparticles could reduce the harmful effects of smoking

Nanoparticles mimic enzyme to reduce toxins in cigarette smoke
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Scientists are still searching for the first human chemical attractant

Supposed human pheromones fail to pass sniff test
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Catch up on what you've missed with our weekend reads: [ Link ]
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Creating scientific instruments is a rare but highly desirable skill

Forging a future for glassblowing
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The White House budget blueprint has rocked the US science community, targeting key research programmes for steep cuts and elimination

Huge cuts in Trump's 'skinny budget' would put science on starvation diet