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Katrina Krämer explores one of the key muscle relaxants used in surgery

Chemistry in its Element podcast: Pancuronium bromide
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Functionalised AFM tip helps researchers see crude oil in a new dimension

AFM no longer falls flat
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New hard disk storage could save data centres' money on electricity bills

Ultrafast data-recording without the heat
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The problems that the US city of Flint had with its water were just the first drip in a wider problem, finds Sarah Houlton

US water crisis
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UV-responsive sticky surface can be switched on and off in a matter of seconds

Gecko-inspired adhesive unsticks with a flash of light
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We've put our all #longreads – our longest, meatiest feature articles – on one page of our website. Take a look and bookmark it for when you've got time to enjoy them!

Chemistry long reads | Chemistry World
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Study adds to understanding of droplet behaviour

How to not make a splash
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Identifying male chicks before they hatch could end the practice of culling cockerels in their millions

Spectroscopy allows in-egg chicken sexing
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Flow process using a protozoan enzyme permits affordable, large-scale inositol production

Parasitic enzyme breaks down barriers to inositols
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Chemical companies are increasingly using specialist investment arms to nurture new ideas

Opening doors to innovation
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Fast, reliable new molecular dynamic simulation methods set to speed up research are under investigation by GSK

Drug binding simulations promise to get personal
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Electrospun device can release flame retardants in the event of a battery short circuit or catastrophic damage

Fire-fighting lithium–ion battery doesn’t compromise on performance
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For keeping up to date with the latest research articles published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, visit their Facebook page: [ Link ]

Temperature drop triggers chirality twist
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Technique overcomes limitations of conventional crystallography and offers new insight into drugs and catalysts

Electron beam exposes crystal details down to hydrogen atoms
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Organic, inorganic and physical - do they mean anything in modern chemistry?

Time to lose chemistry’s subdisciplines?
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Matt Gunther looks into TCDD, or dioxin, and the tragic Seveso accident

Chemistry in its Element podcast: TCDD or dioxin
Aptamer-based sensors can track levels of small molecules in rats as the go about their business

Personalised medicine boost as cancer drug monitored in real-time
Nanogenerator made from everyday material could rub out recharge issues

Sandpaper electrode harvests electricity from friction
Newly-independent research groups often bring new perspectives to synthesis

Functionalising pyridines with phosphonium salts
Feature: Many cities have already exceeded their quota for pollution for 2017. Nina Notman discusses this and other damning facts

Urban air pollution