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Scientists wrangle over disagreement between charge transfer measurements

Do hydrogen bonds have covalent character?
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Researchers combine electricity storage and hydrogen production, enabling energy to be stored both short- and long-term

Buy one get one free for energy storage
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Missing your daily chemistry this Sunday? Try out our new weekend reads: peculiar molecules, a mass arsenic poisoning and a process chemist in solvent troubles

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In the first of a new column, Raychelle Burks investigates a mass arsenic poisoning during the Great Depression

How Roosevelt's Tree Army were poisoned
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Complex with one of the shortest uranium-transition metal bonds ever reported is unstable in solution

First uranium–rhodium bond shows that shorter is not stronger
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Self-propelled microtubes that mop up E coli bacteria have been developed. They propel themselves along by the production of oxgen bubbles. To find out more, visit [ Link ]
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Spectral signatures detected by Dawn space probe

Organic compounds found on dwarf planet Ceres
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Process chemistry opens up a whole new world when it comes to solvent choice, finds Chemjobber

In search of solvation
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AFM images reveal peculiar biradical aromatic created by single atom manipulation

Triangulene molecule synthesised after six decades
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Thionyl tetrafluoride-based 'sleeping beauties' enable click chemistry in a tetrahedral shape

Sulphur linkage takes click chemistry in a different direction
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Love is in the air this week, and Kat Arney investigates a pheromone that drives lady mice wild – so researchers named it after Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's 'Pride and prejudice'

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Scientists have discovered microscopic metastructures in the web of the recluse spider that offer a blueprint for tough new materials.

Find out more here: [ Link ]

Footage © Schniepp Lab
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Researchers chew over link between physiology and flavour

Salivary salt modifies cheese’s tang
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Around half of all human proteins are a mystery. What do they look like, asks Phil Ball

Shedding light on the dark proteome
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Practical experience and no student debt make vocational training an enticing career option

Why apprenticeships are science's future
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Book club podcast: This month, we discuss turtles and punching shrimps in Furry Logic: the physics of animal life. Hear an extract from the book, an interview with one of the authors, Liz Kalaugher, and the views of Kat, Jamie and Emma from the Chemistry World team

Book Club - Furry logic
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Scientists find an unexpected explanation for the strength of nitrogen-nitrogen triple bonds

Secret of dinitrogen triple bond's strength unpicked
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We review Laura Bowater's new book that offers an in-depth look at one of the greatest challenges of our time

The microbes fight back: antibiotic resistance
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Are you interested in science communication and looking for an opportunity to gain writing experience? Our science writer internship is open for applications until 30 March 2017.

Science Writer Internship
Catching up on chemistry this weekend? We've selected some of this week's highlights for you: the latest news and research stories, our new molecule search puzzles and compound podcasts

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