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What is better than good food? Sharing it with those you love!
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Does the weekend make sense without the Chesa 1M wors?
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Some days were made to be celebrated and what better way to celebrate than with our Mak-hulu burger!
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Our braai box meal has everything you need!
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Try out our new menu with mouth-watering deals that will warm your heart! [ Link ]

Menu | ChesaNyama
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What are your favourite classic meals?
A. Cheese burger
B. Pap and meat
C. Boerewors rolls
Need a pick me up? How about a little something delicious to lift your spirits!
Feeling lucky? Why not start the weekend with our lucky 2 mini burgers?
Seems like a good day for our Chesa full chicken, don't you agree?
We would never let you stew, but we will always serve you delicious food!
Sometimes this life thing gets confusing but our Russian and chips always make sense!
Want something quick and delicious this morning? Get our breakfast bun!
Friends who eat together stay together! Get our Braai Buddies special today!
Our Family chicken meal will bring cheer to the lunch table!
It's a rib affair! Come one, come all!
Nobody will love you better than our Mak-hulu burger!
We are crushing on our cheese burger and chips this Wednesday!
We have just the lunch to put a smile on your face!
Need something to brighten up your day ? Our Nkukhu box meal is just the thing for you!