Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mothers and expectant mothers, like our two NEW pygmy goats! Say hello to Jingle and Izzie who are set to give birth in a matter of weeks!
We had VIP Toddler Talia come in to put our Resort to the test and it looks like she left smiling! We are ready for you toddlers… #GruffaloRide
We have a very cute new member of the Chessington family we would like you to meet, our adorable baby penguin. He’s settling in but is nameless so we need your help to choose from the following…
Did you vote for a name for our Black Tip Reef Sharks? We’ve counted your votes and are happy to announce that our duo are called Apollo and Luna!
It’s International Day of Forests; without the deep dark wood our Mouse, Fox, Snake, Owl and Gruffalo wouldn’t have a home!
The Gruffalo is taking a break and all our animals are tucked up in bed. Please be aware we are closed today and tomorrow.
Win a Stay and Play with The Gruffalo here at Chessington! Comment below with a picture of your best Gruffalo Drawing alongside #GruffaloRide. For full details and T&C’s please see [ Fal.cn Link ] Good Luck!
LOOK who joined us to launch the #GruffaloRide yesterday…
“Oh help! Oh no! It’s a gruffalo”
Tomorrow! #GruffaloRide
“He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, And terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.” Two days to go #GruffaloRide
”A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?”
Three days to go #GruffaloRide
“A Gruffalo! Why, didn’t you know?”
Four days to go #GruffaloRide
“A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.”
Five days to go #GruffaloRide
A huge congratulations to the Murray family who have been named our BIGGEST Gruffalo fans! Amber and George certainly love The Gruffalo – the family has even painted the garage with all the book’s characters. Thanks again to all those who entered our search - we hope to see soon to ride The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure #GruffaloRide
Thanks to the thousands of you that got your crayons out to tell us about your toddlers for our unique en-toy-ment opportunity. After some hours deliberating, we’re hiring Talia as our VIP (Very Important Pre-schooler), who’s already set to test how toddler proof the Resort is.
The countdown is on! Only one week remaining until The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure!
Did you see our new arrivals last week? We have welcomed two Black Tip Reef Sharks all the way from Germany that we need your help naming! To pick your favourite use the emoji's...
Gruffalo Fans you have six hours remaining to get your entries in for the biggest Gruffalo fan competition! [ Fal.cn Link ]