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*Meet our new terrific tortoises - rescued from illegal smugglers*

Ploughshare tortoises are regarded as the world's most threatened species of tortoise. Highly prized for their beautiful shells, they have been poached to the very brink of existence - with only 500 left in the wild.

They can now be seen here for the first time in the UK as we raise awareness of the illegal wildlife...
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It's brightening up!
We're open as normal tomorrow. Get your tickets here:
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If you go down to the zoo this week you're sure of a big surprise...

With free masterclasses in wildlife spotting and bird watching, as well as fun workshops showing you how to make simple bird feeders which can attract new species to your garden!

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Cuteness overload in 3, 2, 1...

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A big sister to lean on...
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We’re fairly sure you’ll never have seen this before!

This species pre-dates the dinosaurs. Its closest relative went extinct in Europe 70 million years ago.

But... last year a tuatara hatched here at Chester Zoo. It was the first hatching of a tuatara ever seen outside its native New Zealand.

Now, we’ve hatched six more!

This is the first time a tuatara emerging from its egg has ever...
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Giraffe calf Murchison kicks up the cuteness!
Surprised to see spaces like this at a zoo?

Our horticulture and botany team work hard all year round (in all weathers) to make sure our gardens and animal habitats are in tip-top condition.

Find out more about our gardens, and a special season of activities and events celebrating our gardens here: [ Link ]
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Like mother, like daughter.
Our keepers are helping to raise this orphaned baby antelope.

The adorable dik-dik is only 19cm tall, too light to register a weight on our scales and is being bottle fed five times a day...
Welcome to the world of the critically endangered golden mantella frog!
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Pyka Sound Workshop

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Willow Weaving Workshop

SWIM TIME! The endangered giant otters have a new playmate, Diego Junior...

We're on the lookout for skilled and professional animal keepers to join our twilight, rhino and giraffe teams!

There are also opportunities in sales, events, conservation, marketing and more...

Here's some fish therapy... how many can you count? (look out for the turtley awesome treat at 10:30 and the BIG surpise at 13:30 )
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February Half Term - Daily Events

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Garden photography course