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The newest member of the elephant family has a Aayu Hi Way!โค

Thank you to all who voted...
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Wait for it...

Three-week-old giraffe calf Murchison steps out for the first time, side-by-side with mum Tula!
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You have 24 hours to give our little heffalump the perfect title... GO!

Keepers have whittled it down to:

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Oh hey, let's be friends! โค
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Nothing to see here...

Just our one-day-old elephant calf taking his first tiny steps!โค
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It's a boy! โค
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*BIG NEWS: Elephant calf born overnight!*

The momentous arrival for our family herd of endangered Asian elephants was captured live on CCTV. This is the second rare elephant birth in a month!

Watch this amazing footage: mum Sithami gives birth onto deep sand. Her instincts take hold, stimulating the calf by kicking up the sand. The excited herd then gather round to help!
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Eastern black rhino calf, Gabe, turns one today!

Here's a look back at some of his best bits on his birthday...
Move over Bambi! ????

This adorable Philippine spotted deer may be small in stature but is a HUGE boost to his species!
2016 was our biggest year EVER!

Almost 1.9 million of YOU visited the zoo last year and helped our Act for Wildlife projects save frogs in Madagascar, songbirds across Indonesia and elephants in India.

Thank you.
The king of #Caturday!
Keepers are starting the New Year with their annual head count at the zoo, which is now home to over 500 different species!

Teams are faced with the formidable task of noting down vital details of every mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish, bird and invertebrate in their care. The data gathered will be used to help plan breeding programmes for a host of endangered species.
It's that time of year... ????

Red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs and colourful chameleons are just some of the creatures being noted down as part of our annual animal count!