Chevrolet India
02/24/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
With precision performance and incredible technology, the magnificent Chevrolet Corvette is bound to set your heart racing!
Chevrolet India
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We’re back with another exciting Chevrolet Twister! Complete this fun puzzle of the Chevrolet Beat by selecting the correct missing piece from the given options. Post your answer with #ChevroletTwister to win amazing goodies!
A perfect blend of refined luxury and power-packed performance, the #ChevroletImpala is an unstoppable force!
Love at first sight is always right. Happy Valentine's Day!
The Chevrolet Trailblazer raises the bar by effortlessly combining power and strength to help you stay in control on all roads! #ChevroletIndia

Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV: Price, Specs & Features | Chevrolet India
This #NationalRoadSafetyWeek2017 organized by SIAM, Chevrolet India as a part of its #DriveWithCare initiative took the step to make the roads safe for everyone. Watch the video to see how we reached a milestone in spreading awareness about road safety!
The innovative #ChevroletSail is where smart engineering meets a refreshing driving experience to deliver a performance that will leave you enamored! #ChevroletIndia
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68 years of glory and counting!
Celebrating with pride, #ChevroletIndia humbly wishes you a #HappyRepublicDay
Want to play on the pitch where the legends became legends? Here’s how!
1. Shoot a video or photo showing your passion for Man Utd!
2. Post in the comments.
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4. #ChevroletFanCup your entry.
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The Chevrolet Trailblazer is the perfect combination of comfort, luxury, elegance and power all rolled into one! This blog will tell you everything you need to know about the powerful vehicle. #ChevroletIndia

Lead the Way with Chevrolet Trailblazer | Chevrolet Drive
The #NationalRoadSafetyWeek2017 at Cyberhub, Gurgaon was a resounding success in communicating the importance of pedestrian safety. We got an awe-inspiring response from people who joined us in contributing to #DriveWithCare with #ChevroletIndia and making roads safer for everybody. Check it out!
This #NationalRoadSafetyWeek2017 contribute to #DriveWithCare with #ChevroletIndia
1. Make a promise to ensure pedestrian safety using #IPromiseTo
2. Post it in the comments section below.
Do your bit now!
This #NationalRoadSafetyWeek2017 organized by SIAM and SAFE, let’s all come together and make a promise to ensure pedestrian safety.
We’ve already received our first promise, now tell us what you would do this year to contribute to #DriveWithCare with #ChevroletIndia
Make your promise using #IPromiseTo below in the comment section.
Take charge of your favorite music with steering mounted audio controls of the #ChevroletBeat without taking your eyes off the road! #ChevroletIndia

Chevrolet Beat Hatchback – India’s Most Fuel Efficient Car
Happy New Year from #ChevroletIndia. May 2017 pave new roads to achieve successful milestones ahead!
We take great pride in announcing the lucky winner of this round of #ChevroletTwister. Message us your details now to receive amazing Chevrolet goodies! #ChevroletIndia
On behalf of #ChevroletIndia, Mr. Kaher Kazem – President & Managing Director and the Leadership Team donated warm blankets and Rs. 1,00,000 for woolens to NGO ‘Sankalp School’. A great way indeed to end 2016!