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99% of viewers agree: There's only one Chief in this photo.
Chicago Fire
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The latest episode of Chicago Fire has us all a little shocked. [ Link ]
Chicago Fire
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Out of sight, but never out of mind. The 51 family fights to stay together Tuesday at 10/9c.
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Could an enticing offer persuade Severide to move to Springfield? Catch up on the latest episode of Chicago Fire today: [ Link ]
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Chief Boden is going to need you to catch up on the latest Chicago Fire as soon as possible.
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Prepare yourself for one of the most shocking episodes of Chicago Fire this season, starting NOW on NBC.
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Chicago Fire
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Ambo 61 could use your support!
Chicago Fire
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Severide must decide to stay with family or follow his heart.
Chicago Fire
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The man, the myth, the legend. Christian Stolte will be taking your Chicago Fire questions LIVE today!
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These are the only Valentine's Day treats we'll be needing today!
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A shocking revelation will change Firehouse 51 forever. Stand together tomorrow at 10/9c.
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A hero and a heartthrob. Happy birthday, Jesse Spencer!
Do you think Severide should follow his heart to Springfield?
Are you ready for the #OneChicago crossover? March 1 can't get here soon enough!
Severide's heart beats for Anna. Is a move to Springfield on the horizon?
Did you miss the surprise party? Catch up on the latest episode of Chicago Fire now on the NBC App:
The past comes back to haunt the entire 51 family in a shocking turn of events. You'll want to catch up on this one quick. [ Link ]
No matter the chaos, these two will always have each other. A heart-racing Chicago Fire starts NOW on NBC!