Chicago Fire
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For love or friendship? Severide has a choice to make Tuesday at 10/9c.
Chicago Fire
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No one gives a speech quite like Chief. Catch up on the most emotional episode of Chicago Fire this season:
Chicago Fire
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The bigger the family, the stronger we are. Prepare for the next wave of heroes when Chicago Justice premieres Sunday, March 5 at 10/9c.
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Dawsey could really use your support. Watch the latest episode of Chicago Fire on the NBC App:
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Don't forget your turnout gear. Chicago Fire is on the scene NOW on NBC.
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Don't forget to bring flowers.
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One decision could change this family forever. Stand with Dawsey tonight at 10/9c.
Chicago Fire
01/16/2017 at 17:13. Facebook
Will the Dawsey family find happiness? Be there tomorrow for an emotional Chicago Fire at 10/9c.
Family is more than blood. Catch a heart breaking Chicago Fire Tuesday at 10/9c.
These two warm our heart indefinitely.
The heroes of 51 will see you in one week!
In the city of heroes, Justice always prevails. Chicago Justice joins the #OneChicago family this March.
Bedside manner never looked so good.
Severide could use your support. Catch the shocking two-hour #OneChicago crossover now on the NBC App:
One mistake could change the #OneChicago family forever. Catch up on the shocking two-hour crossover event today on the @NBC App.
Lend us a hand! The #OneChicago family is back in action NOW on NBC.
You've got questions? David Eigenberg has answers TODAY at 6pm EST / 3pm PST on Twitter.
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When the #OneChicago family stands together, nothing can break us apart. Be there for the two-hour crossover event tonight at 9/8c.