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"We’re gonna get you out of here now, Marvin. Get you some help."
Chicago P.D.
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Chicago P.D.
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Celebrate 90 years of NBC with us on The Paley Center Salutes NBC's 90th Anniversary TONIGHT at 8/7c on NBC! #NBC90
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Huddle up.
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Suit up. Intelligence has their work cut out for them Wednesday at 10/9c.
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This team can make it through anything when they're in full force.
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Rixton has some explaining to do. Chicago P.D. is on the scene NOW on NBC.
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Don't make Voight ask you twice.
Chicago P.D.
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You wouldn't like Olinsky when he's angry.
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Nothing will stop the Intelligence team from achieving justice. Chicago P.D. is busting in tomorrow at 10/9c.
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#OneChicago sweets are best enjoyed with friends.
Suited up and ready for justice.
"I don't think she thought she was gonna make it past 16." Watch the latest episode of Chicago P.D. on the NBC App:
Knock, knock.
A case of mistaken identity sends the Intelligence team on a manhunt. Catch a shocking new Chicago P.D. Wednesday at 10/9c.
Voight's ready to go! An emotional Chicago P.D. starts NOW on NBC.
Atwater will have his eyes on you.
This job's going down from the inside.
Congratulations to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on 400 incredible episodes!